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    Garalon help required

    Hi all!

    After reading so many posts similar to this one I thought I would give it a try because to be quite frank my brain is melting trying to figure it out! We are a casual raid group that raids 1 night 4 hours a week thus the option of throwing time at it till it dies is not an option. Traditionally we always end up figuring it out or spotting the issue but this guy is just driving us bats hit crazy!

    We have tried
    2 tank 3 heal 5 dps
    1 tank 3 heal 6 dps
    1 tank 2 heal 7 dps (we got the best results here)

    Our issue however is when everything goes well (no silly deaths) we end up hitting enrage. The best we got I believe was 7% and then we got enrage stomped to hell! We currently have 1 healer 3 dps running pheromones and this has given the best results... we tried having myself and the OT run it but our dps crashed to next to nothing (went from 45k avg to 17k)

    Here is our WOL any suggestions will be very appreciated because at this point I'm lost!

    Here is this weeks best attempt :

    Again any help at all would be much appreciated as next week will be the 3rd week going at him and we just cant keep road blocking due to him >.< I'm just hoping some one looks at he logs and goes "ummm you realize your doing X instead of Y?" :P
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    Everyone needs to do more damage. None of your DPS are where they need to be considering their leg uptime. You're ~18k raid DPS off on your best attempt (515k minimum needed).

    Your mage Hoku needs the most improvement. Less damage than the tanks; only 89% uptime for some reason. A quick look at the debuff uptime of all your DPS shows they're not playing very well.

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    For the record, Garalon has 218M health.
    Over a 7 min fight (420 seconds), you have to deal 519k and change DPS. This changes a bit because of the legs granting you additional damage, but you get the general idea. This means that each DPS (assuming a tank is worth about half a dps) has to pull:
    2/3/5 = 86.5 DPS
    1/3/6 = 79.8 DPS
    1/2/7 = 69.2 DPS

    Again, remember that the legs give increased damage, and I'm not exactly sure how often they spawn.

    One trick we used (we 2/2/6'ed it), was to leave the tank legs alone at ~20% to have dots/cleaves deal the remaining damage. We also switched off at 20/25 seconds for nontanks/tanks and used hybrid dps/healing classes to carry pheromones.

    Hope this helps some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmuh View Post
    One trick we used (we 2/2/6'ed it), was to leave the tank legs alone at ~20% to have dots/cleaves deal the remaining damage. We also switched off at 20/25 seconds for nontanks/tanks and used hybrid dps/healing classes to carry pheromones.
    So basically your team pulls off the two front legs whenever they drop below 20% and focus the boss? This could work for us as I get to Execute spam at that point...

    Looking at some of the other comments I think another thing pointed out was low uptime of the leg circle buff. Will have to see whats going on with that but I believe if the leg is up and "far" from them they are stayign put and dpsing just the boss while our kitty druid takes care of the leg alone.

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    We use 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 DPS (one of which helps out with heals). 4 of the DPS kite with the pheromones, trading off whenever we hit about 20 stacks of the debuff.

    One change we made that helped was to have all the tanks and ranged DPS focus only on Garalon himself, leaving 2 melee DPS to kill the legs. When we started out we would have the tanks attack one of the front legs, but this would sometimes cause issues where the melee didn't have a reachable leg to kill, and their DPS was so much higher than the tanks.

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    If the frostmage isn't a pug thats the place where you will easily see the biggest improvements.

    He cast frostbomb 31x in the fight. It should be cast about every 8 seconds. So 52 would be perfect play. Thats HUUUUGE dmg lost.

    He has the invocation talent, he needs to evocate every (40?) sec to get 25% more spellpower. His uptime on this buff was 50%, thats err, shit.

    He only used his pet freeze 9x, thats also about 50% uptime. It's important to use that on CD too because it grants fingers of frost procs which is big pew pew dmg.

    Basically frostbomb on CD, frozen orb on CD, pet freeze on CD and use the procs they give you. I'd be shocked if his damage didn't climb 30k.

    He should get an addon to help manage his CD's. I use need to know for my mage, there may be better ones out there but its very easy to configure and my mage is just an alt.

    Finally, didn't check all of the characters but you need to prepot and then pot again later in the fight. Second pots are somewhat sitautional but for example, a fresh leg with lining up with some CD's would be a good time for your feral to pot a second time. It all adds up.

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    The fight is a two heal fight but if they are struggling with heals you can cheese it by using a disc healer go smiteing as dps. If you have a rogue use them as one of your tanks if possible. You want a 5 rotation of two "tanks" and three ranged since melee do the most damage in this fight. You may want to leave the leg closest to the tanks up or at least the last one killed so the ones that spawn are closer to melee. Mage needs to learn how to dps or needs to be replaced.

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    Hey man, my guild did this about 3 weeks ago. We struggled on Garalon for 2 weeks straight, here's what we did and what our comp looks like:

    Prot Warrior
    G Druid

    Disc Priest
    MW Monk
    H Pally

    Frost DK
    Affl Lock
    Ele shaman

    Basically what we do, is we still the Ele shaman and DK on legs 100% of the time. I would stick your fire mage and druid on the legs and go from there. Next, have all of your ranged stack in the direct middle of the room. They can just stand there and not ever have to move out of the frontal cone attack. Less movement = more pew pew.

    As for specific, lust at the start. We kill 3 legs during lust using dps (leave his front left leg up for tanks to take down). This fight is about maximizing your dps. EVERYONE needs to be prepotting at the start of the fight, including healers/tanks to maximize dps. Make sure your healers are also hitting the boss during lust, as it's a little added dps. Our druid can easily push 40k+ dps during enrage timer with hotw. Make sure your dps are leaving each leg when its at about 10% or so and running to the next one.

    As for kiters, if you run with 2 healers, you are going to have to have at least one ranged dps take it. We found it a dps gain to run with 3 healers, 1 tank in dps gear (warrior for us) and have 2 tanks/2 healers kite. This enabled our dps to tunnel the boss/legs and that = gg.

    And to top it off, your frost mage is just bad.....if you want him to stay, have him follow the advice of those in this thread. 47k on a boss fight where you can tunnel as a ranged dps isn't that great. If you do wind up having a dps kite, with the changes to KJ cunning, warlocks are a great option since they are tunneling the boss anyways. Same with Elemental Shaman, with a glyph change he'll be able to cast while moving as well.
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    Garalon NM, 2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 5 DPS. 3 Healer and 1 DPS (i.e. dot-bot) run the debuff. More DPS uptime -> more Damage.

    PS: use BL at the end.

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    We were having problems with this fight as well but just killed him tonight.

    The trick we used was 7dps and 3 healers, one healer heals the kiters, himself and the 2 dps taking the furious swipes, the other 2 healers myself included took everything else as well as helping heal the 2 dps soaking the furious swipes.

    I heal on this fight and we had loads of near misses, 2,3,1% attempts, the healers then started to chip in with some dps, not a lot but 10k between the 3 of us, meant we killed it with about 10 seconds left on enrage.

    We used heroism at the beginning with dps pre-potting and me using stormlash totem when heroism was up.

    We used 4 dps to kite that's why even with 7 dps we still were not far off enrage.

    Our line up was

    Rogue and Paladin taking furious swipes as well as front legs.

    Lock, Druid, Hunter and Mage kiting

    Monk on the back legs

    Paladin, Druid and Shaman healing.

    The only reason we use 3 healers and none kite is because we were having ranged issue's with 2 healers and when you have no tanks taking furious swipes they need extra attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahu View Post
    Garalon NM, 2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 5 DPS. 3 Healer and 1 DPS (i.e. dot-bot) run the debuff. More DPS uptime -> more Damage.

    PS: use BL at the end.
    Lust at start, far better burn DPS.

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    Is it a bad idea to use Mages and Hunters instead healers to kite him

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    My guild got him down this week. We got very close multiple times, but kept hitting the enrage as well. Our DPS seemed to be low, but out of know where everyone pushed out everything they had and we were just able to get the kill right before the enrage.

    We ran 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps. Our kiters were our Hunter, Holy Pally, Holy Priest and our tanks did some kiting too

    These are our logs from the kill and here is also a video that our Pally recorded if watching it would help



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    We use this set up:
    Cleave soakers: Prot Warrior and Frost DK (in blood presence).
    Healers: 2 resto druid (yes, it sucks xD), 1 HOLY priest (holy outshines disc by a far amount here).
    DPS: Ret pala (my offspec), Combat Rogue, Fury Warrior, MM Hunter, Fire Mage (or destro lock).

    We take advantage of the cleave that can be done by the rogue and the warrior (tricks of the trade+bladestorm=lolz). We pop Hero at the pull, killing every leg and with ranged staying in leg's circles. After that, the two raged focus ONLY the boss (if they cannot stay in the circle for a decent amount of time) and the melees kill every leg that spawns, despite its position.

    For kiting we start with a resto druid, at 20 stack he switches with the hunter, then the other resto druid and finally the mage.
    Our druids swtich healing between the one who's kiting (themselves or a dps) and the people who soak the cleave+raid healing obv.
    The priest is on duty to heal melees and who's not kiting at the moment.

    I must admit that our dps is not THAT high, in fact we kill it always close to the enrage timer, but it's nearly effortless with this composition.

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    RDruid - HoTW+prepot+BL. And it's also possible to use HoTW two times, at pull and right before berserk.

    Everyone needs to do more damage.
    And yeah, this of course.

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    What we did was our tanks being in tank spec but in DPS gear (Warri would still wear a shield of course) and have 2 hunters, a mage and a disc priest kite the debuff. We also had our Rogue solo the legs after they first died unless they were very close to the "range camp". This made healing easier since people weren't running around like headless chicken. Also we left one of the front legs up for the tanks to cleave at (and for me as a disc priest for smite heal, fk yeah damage buff), it still dies incredibly fast and you gain some DPS by that. But your #1 problem is your DPS, especially your mage. As I said, our mage kites and still does 20k more DPS than yours. Tell him to look at guides and improve, or replace him, your call.

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    Here are a few hints:

    - Setup: 3 Healer, 2 Tanks. If Tanks can handle it (Warri, Pala, DK) have them in Off Gear or even Off Spec, so they can deal more damage.
    - use Hero/BL/TW at the Beginning when all legs are there and DDs can dps.
    - let 2 ranged DDs and 2 Healers kite Garalon. Start with a Healer (that way the ranged benefit from BL/Hero) and then alternate (Healer, DD, Healer, DD)

    - Don't let every DD nuke the legs!! Ranges should stand in the middle of the room and cast on Garalon and not chase his legs. If you are standing there and don't have legs to kill then this double damage on the legs is wasted. Only let your melee DDs dps on the legs.
    - Cleave abilities work wonders. Rogues with Blade Flurry, Warriors with Sweeping Strikes, DKs with Howling Blast are very nice because they can go for the legs and still hit the boss as well.

    Edit: If your Mage has to kite, I would replace Invocation talent with Incanters Shield. Gives you more freedom to move and there is a lot damage coming in anyway, so the shield can proc the buff reliably.
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    This is mainly a problem of your raid members needing to step up and learn their class. People are doing to little dps compared to what they can do.

    You're s-priest is doing things wrong. very wrong.
    First of all he should use mindblast on cooldown. Always.
    He should multi dot 1-2 legs, and sniping shadow:word death on legs below 20% to gain shadoworbs
    He should specc twists of faith, and make sure he always got dots on legs that are below 20% hp. He should aim for about 50% uptime on ToF
    In the 8th try he burned 14 mindspike procs. This is way to low. By multi doting he should get those procs during hero only.
    His uptime on vampiric touch is horrible - 65%. That means hes missing almost two minutes of the dot. Shadow word pain is better - 86% but still to low. Even though he's kiting he should be spamming shadow word pain for the instant damage.
    hes my WoL of our first kill
    as you see i got 37 mindspikes procced, in less time. 97% uptime on Swp and 91% of vampiric touch.
    basically your priests need to step up.

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    garalon have become a much tighter fight when it comes to killing him b4 the enrage timer now. from the WoL it really looks like most of your raid needs to step up, they are pretty abysmal. 45kish dps from a mage would earn him a replacement in my book. from what i can see, your tanks are soaking which is what they should be doing, atleast in your setup but i dunno if they are in dps or not. if they are not, then they should be. your feral druid and enh shaman is prolly the best to focus on the legs. and the rest focus on garalon as what have been said here is true, ranged shouldnt chase the legs as they would loose a lot of dps time chasing down the legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capricorn081 View Post
    Is it a bad idea to use Mages and Hunters instead healers to kite him
    if you only have 5-6 dps then yes. We had 7 dps and 3 healers, so 4 DPS to kite was ok.

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