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    Giving away 2 Cinder Kittens over at PetBattleArena.com

    hey guys.

    I just implimented a comment and user system on my website, and i would love to invite you to win some pets by posting great petbattle knowledge on as many pets as you want to on my site.

    Competition: So the competition is as follows, all you have to do is go to www.petbattlearena.com and post any valuable knowledge on any pet that you like and I will then draw 3 random knowledgeable comment to be the winners. The more awesome comments you post the bigger your chance is to win

    Prize: there will be 2 Cinder Kittens up for grabs to 2 of the selected comments. A 3rd comment will be selected to win 4 pets from my personal collection. I will give away a bonus prize of 1 of each Pandaren Spirit pet, air, earth, fire, and water.

    Info: the competition will run from right now, and will end on Sunday at 10:00 pm CET, that would be Sunday at 1:00 pm PST. And the prizes will be drawn very shortly after, I will try to write both in this thread and by emailing the user. The comments can be anything from experiences, theorycrafting, constructive opinions, everything goes The bonus prize of the 4 pandaren spirit pets can only be given to european commenters since i unfortunately cant trade those pets across regions. It would help out a lot if you specify your own character in the settings menu on the site, so that i know if you're us or eu.

    the winner will be announced both here, on my twitter @petbattlearena, and in this reddit thread: http://redd.it/14ujv2
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    i made www.petbattlearena.com - a giant pet database where you can find exactly the battlepet you want.

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