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    Most have been said so im not gonna comment on that(other than in 463 gear i had almost twice the dps of your nr1 ><).
    I noticed one saying you have people dying to cobalt mines, this might happen because you get a lot of mines but are "unlucky" getting the cobalt active so you cant explode them safely. Both your mage and priest (maybe others, as im not familiar with all classes) can explode the bombs outside of cobalt being active with iceblock/priest 90% reduction thing. Though as mage you need to be kinda fast on iceblock after stepping into the mine, as there is like a 1s delay before exploding after stepping into the mine, so step in->iceblock(make sure you dont have GCD running when you step in)
    I didn't think of this until I saw this post but your mage can spec temporal shield, use it then step in a mine and it will heal back all the dmg from it. They can also use it right before an explosion to heal back up.
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    Love the feedback just a few things we did lose a few of our best players from Dragon Soul to Mists of Pandaria work, real life, etc. a couple are using their mains on other guild's raids where they can be sure they'll kill the bosses leaving is us with their alt the thing is once we start killing the bosses regularly I'm sure we'll get those main's back otherwise if we keep failing on this boss I'm afraid we'll start losing more and more of our best raiders.
    and yea we are a casual guild.

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    OK so I logged in just to respond on this thread. We were in a similar spot in our guild until recently. We also had 3 groups running MSV one night a week each (Super casual)

    The group I run is currently the farthest progressed, but we hit the same kind of road block you guys are hitting. We downed the boss when we first had all DPS 35-40k and at least 3 over 50k... It doesn't matter how good your healers are this fight drains the life out of you (see what I did there?)

    I haven't gone over the healing parses, because I know very little about them, but seeing the DPS numbers makes me think that its ONLY a DPS issue.

    Even for a casual guild you have to give your gear the proper attention or else it isn't worth it to step foot in the raid. Do you have class officers in your guild... or at the very least people that are very good at each class.. if not shoot me a PM... I have some guys that may or may not be willing to help out some... can't promise the services , but some might be able to help out.

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    Thanks for the offer I put some of the parses on the respective class forums for warrior, mage and shaman not sure I should do the same for the rest and I have received good feedback there but I you care to give it a look and add some pointers that would be great also discussing with heals to see if its possible to 2 heal it that would increase our dps a bit but afraid of too much dps standing on the bad.

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    i have no clue how to analyse wol but i can tell you that me and my guild wiped for about 1 month on the stone guard. simply because tanks sucked big time, our MT is colorblind and wow feature doesn't help at all soo he had problems with switching. anyway after the tanks got their job done we 1shotted the next 3 bosses :P

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