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    Its only gear check it was never intended as skill check...

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    A lot of bosses (generally i'd say rank 7+) are gear / skill, before that it's mostly skill.

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    I'd say it's a combination of both, the rank 8 bosses all have relatively tight enrage(400k+dps Milhouse, 90k+ on epicus/disruptron), and this can be difficult to meet if you are undergeared, doesn't help that there's lots of movement involved in these fights. Gear helps immensely with the enrage, but doesn't help cheese the mechanics though, as they still almost 1 shot any dps class.

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    Most fights are just skill checks, there are some which are a gear check such as Crush but most are just skill checks. However rank 8 fights are both skill and gear, as others have said the tight enrage timers as well as the need to dodge one shot abilities the entire time is killer.

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    basically the only skill required is dnt stand in the crap on the floor, not terribly difficult until rank 8 tbh. ofc you will need gear to beat enrages on the later bosses and more gear obviously lessens the amount of skill required so rly it takes a bit of both.

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    Struggeling a lot on rank8, as a fury warrior.

    490 ilvl with 489/483 weapons.

    Anyone got any tips?

    Edit: Mostly struggeling with enrage timer on Epicus Maximus, and still trying to figure out pattern on the eye dude- really having a hard time with Millhouse aswell, how many stacks should I aim for?) and there's just no way in hell i'll be able to beat the clockwork gnome dude.

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    As a person that did all rank 8 bosses w/o exploits (melee horde), I gotta say that skill/gear/luck vary from boss to boss.

    Epicus Maximus: 30% skill 60% gear 10% luck

    Zen'shar: 40% skill 60% gear

    Millhouse Manastorm: 65% luck 35% gear

    Disruptron: 20% luck 40% gear 40% skill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    Its only gear check it was never intended as skill check...
    If that was even REMOTELY true none of the bosses would have a one shot mechanic and all would just have extremely high HP with a short enrage timer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyuru View Post
    Struggeling a lot on rank8, as a fury warrior.

    490 ilvl with 489/483 weapons.

    Anyone got any tips?

    Edit: Mostly struggeling with enrage timer on Epicus Maximus, and still trying to figure out pattern on the eye dude- really having a hard time with Millhouse aswell, how many stacks should I aim for?) and there's just no way in hell i'll be able to beat the clockwork gnome dude.
    from a melee PoV epicus is mostly practice and then gear. theres no luck involved here, its either do it right or die. as for the eye dude also known as zenshar you have to remember that the circle he casts usually only lasts until the next circle comes. so what you need to do is find a spot that you feel comfortable with and where you can dodge the lasers, then find another spot like this one (usually the opposite of the first spot because its all symmetrical) and then switch between these two spots.
    as for disruptron I dont think its possible without levitate (again, melee PoV) unless you have the patience to do countless attempts on him and get lucky by having him near one corner. the luck factor here is that you have no control over where he goes. if he walks into the middle when you hit 30% and the spheres come out of that middle thing then its gg for you. levitate of course makes it hell of a lot easier but even then you will need good gear to meet the dps required.

    as for manastorm, he is pretty much luck only but there are some tricks even as melee that can help you. you can reset stacks on the boss without destroying a single crystal.
    manastorms casts are always like this shadowbolt (3sec), frostbolt (5 sec), shadowbolt (3 sec), and then crystals. if you kick the very first frostbolt then automatically the first crystals will come earlier and therefore you will be able to stack the buff on yourself earlier. basically if you feel youre behind on crystals you should kick the frostbolts.

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    back to topic: brawlers guild requires a lot of skill and practice to actually finish. you can outgear it to a certain level but some bosses really are skill checks some are more gear checks and very few a mostly luck based. I wish the difference in difficulty difference between melee and range wasnt as high as it is. Hunters and warlocks have a huge advantage over other classes whereas melees most of the time get the short stick.

    I play a melee class myself and I do enjoy brawlers guild immensely. theres some kinks to work out and some bugs to clean up like the multiple people and bosses teleported in at the same time for example and the need for buff groups and how some of the buffs arent transferred into the arena. it is a challenge though and a tough one at that and I love how you can compare yourself with each other.

    it could use some more rewards though. theres only a couple of achievements, a pet at rank 4, a BoA weapon at rank 8 and a title for killing a rare mob. I really hope they keep on updating this with feature patches.

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    I made it to Battletron with mostly LFR gear and some epics from regular MSV, at the time I was still using a 463 rare weapon and as a Ret Paladin it greatly affected my DPS. For the most part its about skill and using whatever you can from your class to get these fights down (Lay on Hands woop woop)

    But yeah I'm still stuck at Battletron even after getting a weapon upgrade, you really need to bust out the DPS on that fight.

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    I blasted through rank 7 ignoring all the mechanics. Skill not required at all if you have gear.
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    Mostly gear, kinda sucks for people who aren't doing hardmodes right now.

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    485 hunter...i have the dps...but lack the heals to stay alive (tried BM with heals and hit enrage) SV has the deeps...but lacks the survivability (kinda silly spec name...)

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    Skill, Gear, Class, Spec, Luck and a bit of help from friends and spectators will all play a part in how difficult you find each and every encounter in the Brawler's Guild

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    I would say it's a gear check.

    If you walk into brawlers with 450 ilvl or 490 it's a different world. If it would have been a skill check an 450 player would be able to do it somehow, albeit harder and slower. Noone in 450 gear can do that kind of damage needed in that time fram while still avoiding the damage in some encounters. They should've made the gear as they did in challenge mode for an even starting field if they wanted to claim it to be skillbased.

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    Both. Skill (if you can call moving out of the bad 'skill') for avoiding one shot mechanics etc, Gear to beat enrage timers at rank 7 + 8.

    Not really a matter for much debate.

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    I think it's mostly gear, took me a while to manage beating the enrage on battletron with 476 ilvl, but it also relies heavily on your class too

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    For the 4 achievement bosses in the end even doing everything perfectly you need the right class or a high amount of gear. As a 485 i level ww monk i had no way of getting em down alone without "questionable usage of ingame mechanics" while getting the best possible pve rotation and uptime on bosses, tried again with an ele shaman and a shadow priest with 481/482 gear and got all but distruptron.

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    I would say both, currently I roam around Brawler's Guild as a Holy Paladin, almost rank 5. Though need more dmg output, so have to wait for a full buff session from people inside (Since some buffs disappear when you go into the arena unless they are from players inside the area). I enjoy Brawler's Guild, feels good with some PvE Arena that actually benefit something ^^
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    Most complain about gear, but skill is also being able to dps and pull high numbers with what you got while still staying alive. That is also skillbased, and not entierly based on gear. Sorry.

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