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    2ndly the 4 set allows for 100% uptime on tidal waves without riptide glyph, meaning to keep TW up w/o 4 set you need the glyph
    This 4 set changed in 5.1.

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    Also i understand you are mr. pro 25 man raiding guild, but play 10 man and you will heal a hell of a lot differently.
    If you actually read my second reply you'll see I already stated this.

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    Final statement TC glyph is bad if you have time to cast LB in 10 man you have too many healers
    TC is a personal choice, sure, but I highly doubt you couldn't free up time to weave it in without feeling you could drop a healer.

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    Copy'd and pasted, just to get the point across again. You're trying to win an argument, I'm trying to provide facts in order to help OP. Please be useful instead of just trying to be childish.
    If you're actually trying to argue that mastery or crit surpasses haste as a throughput stat, you're wrong.
    I'll lay it out very clearly for you.

    Crit is a throughput stat which provides mana return and smart heals.
    Mastery is a throughput stat, becoming more effective as the raid HP decreases, argueably being a mana saver as you have less to heal as you'll be healing more.
    Haste is a raw throughput stat, as it does nothing for our mana, however increases our spell casting, reduces global cd and increases amount of hot ticks.

    Haste, is our best throughput stat. Mastery would be if the raid was constantly at 40%, but that is never going to be the case. You have even linked the math yourself.

    The only reason people are choosing to favour towards crit/mastery is because overall it is more effective at our current level of gear with mana as a factor. If mana wasn't a factor, haste would be the straight up option. Don't get confused about what is more effective for the overall picture, and what is the best throughput.

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    Healing with a disc priest has a very noticeable affect on my healing numbers. If it's a good priest they are going to be even lower. Absorbs are the first things to snipe heals from other classes, and you can't heal the damage that isn't going out.

    To put it in perspective, i do low 40s to high 30's on fights with disc priest. High 50's on average without, and in the high 60's or 70's on a 2 heal fight without a disc. I think it's also worth mentioning that in a 2 heal fight i'm usually first or even with the other healer, but in a 3-heal fight I am generally last due to the reasons i'm outlining here.

    I didn't look at the logs in any detail, just weighing in on that front. Also worth mentioning it works directly against mastery as a resto shaman. If he is using his SLT and other cd's to good effect you can't judge too much #s on fights like the ones you posted. Have him 2 heal some of your farm kills with the pally and see what his #'s look like.

    If the fights are easy for your group and the paladin is more of a twitch healer than the shaman you have 1. skilled disc priest preventing most damage 2. paladin picking up whatever gets through with LoD and LH (both instant i believe) and then 3. your shaman getting 0 benefit from mastery and picking up what's left. Just pointing out it may be more circumstance than performance.
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    You may be right, right now we are at the stage, where healing in general is not THAT hardcore to manage (3/6 heroic MV), but maybe I am a little bit afraid when we encounter healing intensive bosses, will our shaman be able to handle it? That's why I posted here in the first place, better safe than sorry

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