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    Best dps spec at 90

    My rogue just hit 90 last sunday i think. Ive been running heroics and getting him geared but its been a slow process compared to when i geared my warr. I was able to get a heroic axe and heroic mace so i went combat. with only a few heroic pieces i pull about 40k on single target and the number varies when its multi target but ive gotten 60-80k. Now these are only dungeons but im wondering what most rogues are running for raiding. i figured i would either go sub or mut for single target and keep combat for cleaving fights. anyone have any suggestions

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    cleave fights = combat
    single target fights = mutilate/subtlety
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    Assassination is top for single target, Combat for cleaving.

    Subtlety could push ahead of Assassination in BiS gear this tier or heroic gear next tier. At lower gear levels, Subtlety is pretty bad.

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    Not Subtlety. When I tried it in an LFR earlier (495 ilvl, 510 MH 504 Sha-Touched OH), it was pulling almost 8k less than advertised on Shadowcraft. Heroic next tier (if it gets no buffs), maybe it will pull on-par with Assassination.

    With equal weapons, Assassination is stronger single-target and Combat is better cleaving and AoE-below-6-targets.
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    cant really judge it by "xx less than shadowcraft" if you used the website, as its based on a tank and spank fight of x minutes long with 100% uptime on all buffs/debuffs checked off.

    but still, sub is a dps loss if played perfectly compared to a similarly geared mutilate build played perfectly.

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    sub will scale alot with gear in later tiers also i wish there would be a best spec for every fight because i have to switch from spec to spec to get the best performance witch results in spending like 1k gold every night we raid
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    if you get 2.60 weapon drops go combat, if 1.80 go assa.

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