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    Simple question to high rating arena players. (assassination)

    What spec are you playing right now? For arena and one vs one.

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    I wont input as im only 2.4k+ in rbgs, arenas are painful and frustrating :P

    but typically Subterfuge is the key player in all my builds :P

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    Stood in the Fire zanexlol's Avatar
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    1v1: combat.
    Arena: sub, generally the best pvp spec.

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    personally, I have a sub and an ass spec for RBG's. depending on our groups comp and the map. if its a 'fight at flags' bg i LOVE me some assassination. once I get those debuffs/buffs up.. the damage is high and consistent.

    that being said, I had my first 110k crit last night. (non trinket/zerking) so I was pleased with that!

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