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    Is it worth it to exp cap the OH?


    I'm an orc SMF warrior with elegon axe in my main hand and sha sword in my offhand.

    With the orc racial giving me +1% expertise I currently at 7.5 MH 6.5 OH meaning my offhand has a 1% chance to be dodged.

    Should I go for 8.5/7.5 or leave as is? I can't find an answer anywhere.


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    It's really not that important to cap your OH.

    I'm in the same situation, Heroic Elegon MH, Amber OH--using 7.5/6.5. I've crawled through my logs between using Scythe/Scythe and HElgion/Scythe, and there's really not an appreciable difference between lost attacks.

    Honestly, you'll probably be more affected by poor positioning when a boss happens to rotate as you start an attack on the boss and eat a Parry from the frontal zone.

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    Alrighty thanks for the reply I'll leave it as is

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