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    Battle Pet Leveling Question

    Basically I've been flying around different places and killing/capturing battle-pets that are 4 to 5 levels above the ones I currently have. Sooner than later I end up catching enough pets that fighting the areas wild pets becomes trivial.

    I really like my baby monkey but his levels are always lagging way behind so usually what I'll do is use one pet to kill all the challengers but one, then hit pass until the pet I used dies. I cycle in the monkey and let him finish off the fight and win all the EXP for the fight. It seems like that's the best way to get him leveled up but man is it getting boring...

    I guess the bottom line question is, am I doing this right? I haven't payed any attention to the quests or battle masters or anything like that. My main team is around level 16-17 and I just started the whole pet fighting thing yesterday.

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    Pets don't have to get the killing blow to get full XP credit. They only have to be active for 1 FULL TURN (The first pet has to either pass or do something to count. Any other pet just has to be swapped in. It can be swapped out on the next turn, it doesn't have to do anything.) I used this to power level my pets for Pro Pet Mob. I'd pop my 2 lowbie pets in for 1 round each, then curb-stomp the enemy team with my lvl 25. The only tricky part was keeping the wild 23-24 pets from 1shotting my lvl 1s. Once they got to lvl 3 after the first battle, this became a non-issue.

    The only caveat is that XP is split between all living pets that participated (even if 1 of them is lvl 25). Your strategy for letting all pets die but the monkey is valid, but in the end, it is the slow way to go. When starting out, pets level slower than your ability to catch wild pets. My suggestion is this:
    1. Capture and use the highest quality pets of whatever zone you are in now.
    2. Once you have 2-3 from this zone, move on to the next higher zone.
    3. Repeat until you get to level 23-24 pet zones.
    4. Use these pets to power lvl any other pet of choice and then use whatever high lvl pets you want to level the rest.

    Depending on the pet, they can start all-killing the lvl 23-24 wild pets for maximum XP gains. Some pets I had could do this at lvl 19. Others came close and could duo with another pet I was leveling without having to use my 25.

    I found the best zone for power leveling to be Valley of the Four Winds with any kind of spider using Strike, Brittle Webbing, and Leech Life. The zone is filled with tons of wild critter types which get destroyed by spiders. It also has a high density of these wild pets away from any hostile interrupting pats. The best wild pets to grind on are quillrat "families". They are groups of 3-5 quillrats and pups that wander around together. If you leave 1 of them up, the whole group will respawn within a few minutes. I would just bounce between 2 groups for hours.
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