<After Shock> of the Horde on Area 52 (PvE) is presently seeking to round out their roster to hasten their progression into Mist of Pandaria. Our progression came to a screeching halt when we lost several of our core members, due to them not liking the expansion as a whole. We’ve been eagerly seeking to fill positions so the guild can quickly get off the ground, and march its way into a steady climb of content. Despite our obstacles, we have been able to fill in our raid group nearly completely but at the moment we are seeking a reliable, well-rounded tank.

You are able to contact the following in-game through these means:
~ Wish (officer) real-ID: [email protected] or battletag: Clockworks#1521
~ Nymuè  (alt code 130) (Guild Master) real-ID: [email protected]
~ Aendorean  (Co-GM and Raid Leader) in game contact only

Our Current Recruitment Needs
- Tank (NEEDED) Monk, Druid, Death Knight or Warrior
- Seeking people to fill bench positions, and casual players looking for a home.

Our current progression is 3/6 MV
Our old progression includes clearing Dragon Soul Heroic, and Firelands.

We DO require you to be 18-years or older, as we have some very crude humor and sexual content. Our guild interview is based around vent, this is not a JOB application this is you entering a family of raiders who want to see [email protected]#$ downed, I believe ensuring people click is more important then anything.