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    [H] Arthas server <The Roomdawgz>

    Hello i'm the co GM of horde guild The roomdawgz on Arthas (us) server. We are a recent transferred guild starting from scratch (lvl 25 though). We are looking for members to build our raid team and social members. We always have made it a point to be an active social raiding guild and we would like to continue doing so. We are not a guild that pushes to be the top on progression on the server we are a guild that like to have fun, hang out, get achievements, do some awesome world and BG pvp and we like to kill some bosses. If you are at all interested contact "Muthem" or Pèppy (the e is done by alt 0232. The plan as of now is to raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30pm to 11:30 pm server time....however our plans are flexible.

    If this is something you don't find interesting well then i expect not to hear from you lol....

    Thank you for your time...

    I promise not to bumb....maybe once...lol

    ty again


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    Even if you are not in the process of looking for a guild and want to run anything, i am always down for achievement runs you can hit me up also..

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