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    Good addon for tracking internal cooldowns?

    Can anybody recommend a decent addon to track the internal cooldowns such as trinket and weapon procs? Would be greatly appreciated.

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    proculas is pretty awesome.. dont know if there are others, cause im pretty happy with it.

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    NeedtoKnow will do the job just fine for trinkets, but i'm unsure if weapon procs are trackable. ( PPM + RNG right? )

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    I personally use CLCinfo as it's pretty easy to set up.

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    NeedToKnow is my choice.
    But since the transition from ICD-procs to PPM it seems really pointless to track any kind of icd (there isn't any icd to track). But you can track the Proc-Uptime with NTK as well.

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    ExtraCD does this by default.

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