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    Mount achievements should never be anything other than cosmetic.

    That said, I haven't liked any of the 50, 100, 150 meta mounts so far. I wouldn't mind if the 200 one is actually nice.
    pretty much this. For collecting any of the mount benchmarks, you should just get another mount. As long as it looks nicer than the ones you can get now, because they're pretty meh so far.
    Raining Pandarens because of the bouncy racial?
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    Some Might say it was... (•_•).....( •_•)>⌐■-■....(⌐■_■) A heavy Rain.
    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    pvp server here. i allready hate the fact how easy some classes can "run away" so instant mount .. please no
    pve mode of my mind: allow it to be casted while walking/falling :P

    but not for 200 mounts .. i got like idk .. to many of em xD and i don't care about the ugly ones so i probably never get more :P (just got that ultra ugly fly kite for all panda on max ..)

    ingame means i got 141 meh^^
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