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    N Wind Lord and melee stacking?

    So my guild is stuck on the Wind lord boss and i was wondering if we just had all but 1 person stack on melee then would the wind bomb get into the melee or would they just go after the one range person. This is for normal 10m. Thanks all

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    This is a secret :o
    Yeah it would, our healer shaman happened to be very close to us at times (and we had like 3 ranged and 1 healer far away) and he was still the wind bomb target dropping the bomb next to me (the tank and the melees).

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    The wind bombs work simillar to how Fandral Staghelm / Majordomo in Firelands works. Wind Lord Mel'Jarak will detect whatever specs you are having and throw bombs accordingly on that.

    Ranged/Healers will be his targets.
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    Spread out in a semi circle about 30 yards from the boss. If he drops a windbomb at that persons feet move forward out of it. Give yourself space to avoid his boomerang. This way you move forwards all the time, if you like the decreasing space acts as a soft enrage but if you move properly it will never be an issue.

    You can try funky stuff but tbh if you got this far, as mechanics go avoiding windbombs is a no brainer.

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    As others said, he'll target ranged specs and throw bombs.

    I don't know what your issue is in this phase but as others said if you came this far I honestly don't see why you'd be having trouble. what deja Thoris says sounds exceedingly complicated to me for normal, and even for heroic tbh, if a bomb gets dropped on you just move, and when he's about to cast his blade and he's facing you, move too. Getting hit by a blade is not only stupid, it may get you killed (and will get you killed on heroic). That's literally all there is to this fight at this point. If you're dying on the aoe, prepare a raid cooldown rotation beforehand - make sure everyone knows when to use what cooldown on which aoe.

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