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    re-entered the Rift - what to do


    im currently downloading Rift again, used to play in in Feb 2011 and have a level 60 (max level that time) cleric.

    So im just curious what i can do now with the basic game. I don't want to go straight into raids but farm some gear etc.
    As i remember the profession dailies back then were awful, how have things changed since then?

    Whats an enjoyable specc for cleric (dd) or heal?


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    Actually max level at that time was 50 with this expansion it's 60.

    There are a couple of sticky threads here that should give you some guidance:



    As far as cleric goes try them all. You can tank, dps (melee/range) heal (ST, AOE, Support) or tank. They are all available and it's subjective what you'll enjoy.
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