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    enh shaman, resil or power?

    I don't have enough experience to make the call myself, resil makes me feel safe and my burst is still able to take out targets, but I haven't tried PvP power yet, is it better?

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    you get enough PvP power from weapons and trinket so rest should be focused on resi i supose

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    If you're talking arenas, resilience. Enhance is one of the squishiest specs in the game (you have no really good defensive CDs) and you WILL be trained pretty much every single game. Against cleave teams such warrior/feral you will often die regardless of how well your team plays.

    If you're just talking BGs, I go PvP power. It's more fun and I can usually stay alive anyway.

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    resil to the sky. ignore all socket bonuses.

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    Resi is much better for enh, u have enough PP on every item. enh is very squishy and need many many resi that he can rule


    I think I will buy the same weapons again for other weaponenchants (like rockbiter + a shield) I'm not sure but I have enough points to test it.
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    Resil scales better for every spec.

    If you have one team fully gemmed power vs the other full resil, the ones with resil will still do more damage due to how it works.

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    Feels like an appropriate moment to share this then

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    thank you very much savvasp great work.
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    Thanks for the information. ( I know I am not the OP) PS: Ela re savvas, Kypreos eisai??

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    Quote Originally Posted by savvasp View Post
    Feels like an appropriate moment to share this then
    If only it would be that easy...

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    I went resilience, gearing for socket bonuses:

    Red: Agil/Resi
    Yellow: Resi
    Blue: Power/Resil

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