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    Far cry 3 ps3 or pc?

    Going to be buying far cry 3 in a couple of days but I can't decide whether to buy it for my ps3 or pc. I know pc is always better but mine is pretty outdated. I run games like skyrim and witcher 2 at 20-30 fps, not too sure how far cry will run so I'm thinking i may should just get it for ps3. Would post my specs but I'm posting this from my phone so I'd rather not bother with it =3

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    I would only get it for the PC if you will be able to play it at max settings 1080p at 60fps otherwise get it for PS3
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    But then again, I can only play FPS on consoles.

    But I couldn't handle the choppy-ness of 20-30fps, so I would suggest ps3.
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    Well, as said, I'd get it for the PC if A. Your computer can run it or B. You'll be upgrading to a new one pretty soon, games really shine when they're pushed to their max settings, and sometimes beyond what developers designed it for, and only PC can do that, for now. Also in the long run the PC game will be with you, well, forever. If you think you'll trade it in after you done, PS3.

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    Yeah I thought so, thanks. Really I'm so used to playing at low fps it doesnt bother me anymore lol. I'll be upgrading sometime in the future, not sure how soon though so I'll just stick with my ps3 for this one.

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