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    Want to buy a laptop

    Upgrade or New Computer: new

    Willing to Self Build or a Pre-Built: pre built

    How much you want to spend: 500-600euros

    How much you can spend: 700euros

    What all you plan to use it for: work and a few games here and there(nothing special)

    What Operating system you want to use & Bit: win7/8 64bit

    What Resolution you hope to be in:15 to 17'' monitor and the resolutions that come with that

    What Settings do you Want & how much FPS: doesnt matter much, stable with medium settings

    What Country are you from: portugal

    What can you re-use: nothing

    Network will be wired or wireless: wireless

    Any Additional Info Here: i can buy from the uk and other places if need be

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    given your price range, look for something from Dell, HP, or Lenovo

    for the most part look for something with a 3rd gen CPU, and integrated graphics, even a GT630m is better than integrated

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