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    Ret or Holy for pvp.

    I am wondering what is more sought after at 90 ret or holy. I plan to mainly rbg. I have always played as hpaly in pvp, however I been enjoying lvling as ret a lot. I am just wondering what spec is more sought after.

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    No one *wants* ret. Sure some people play with them but no one really *wants* them...

    Holy are fine

    SO yeah, Holy
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    ret is fun, its not so bad that its completely unviable, but its not great either.

    its really limited in its arena comp choices and completely unwelcome in rbgs.
    you have to be really scrappy and have really good synergy with your teammates to make it work well.

    holy is a really solid spec and its in really good shape right now.
    it can me a bit limited in arena comps because it works best, like rets, enabling cleave teams, but you pretty much can't do rbgs with out at least one hpaladin on the team.
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