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    Funniest char I've played in WoW is my BrM I have no serious complaints. At least for this spec if you look at what people are posting they are really minor tweaks to abilities are not being used because of weak design, not that they are required to make the class viable.

    Only real issue is handling stuns but right now this is just on Challenge Modes/PVP (and HoF trash damn you). Though if they introduce a boss fight with tank stuns you will see the boards really light up.

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    I was set on WW from the moment I played it at Blizzcon even tho they changed the chi system and auto attack around. I would like to see something done Zen Meditation. Maybe allow it to take melee dmg and produce a sorta hellfire/aoe other than that im satisfied mostly

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    Funny there hasn't been some of the main Mistweavers that have commented around the forums speaking in this thread. It's generally agreed upon by the MW Monk population that we are in serious trouble and need something to help us. Currently we have great blanket AoE healing and that's it. If the raid starts taking specific, targeted damage it's hard to keep that person alive. Tank healing is non-existant. Raid cooldowns are weak and situational at best (don't even mention Revival to me, it hits for around half of a full Tranquility and doesn't have the refresher of consistent healing over time). At the current rate it takes a lot more mana, micro-management, and skill to perform well on a Mistweaver than it does on almost any other healer (Druids notwithstanding).

    That's not to say I don't enjoy the class. I leveled up my Monk first for a reason, that's because it's an awesome class and I really really enjoy playing it. Unfortunately, I've volunteered to sit my Monk and play a Paladin for precisely the reasons I mentioned. Every time I walked into a fight on my Mistweaver and someone died because my single-target healing is close to non-existent, I felt like a liability.

    I also believe Blizzard hit the nail on the head with Brewmasters. They are good tanks, have a spot in many hardcore raiding guilds, and though they could use some tweaking, the overall style works really well. Windwalkers I can't comment on, but I did enjoy playing WW while leveling up.

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    Ok, just a random semi-hardcore 400 guild guy sharing his PoV on monks in HC raids.

    Brewmasters: Needs more armor. I dont know who thought having tank with less armor then most cloth wearers (Im serious there, go check numbers somewhere) is a good idea, but it isnt. They are awesome on AoE tanking, kiting, and taking BIG hits like strikes on H Blade Lord.

    WW: Needs DPS cooldown. You can have class doing decent DPS, but when they only do around 130k DPS under BL+all cooldowns popped conditions (dont get me on numbers here please, i CBA to go check BL phases on top monks now, but everyone can see it is just much lower then most other classes), it just doesnt cut it for many fights that reguire big bursts, and there is guite a lot of them in this tier.

    MW: Needs better AI for Renewing Mists spread, needs better raid cooldown, that isnt so much dependent on raid size (awesome on 10man, subpar on 25man), needs more abilities to spot heal.
    It is also VERY unforgiving to mistakes in gameplay. I will put an example on this, when you do H Imperial Vizier, you need to pay quite a lot of attention to avoiding Attenuation. But god forbids you forget to cast your renewing mist on correct target during it, because if you do, you come out of attenuation with 2-3 targets covered, Force and Verve starts and you are COMPLETELY useless, because your AoE healing is nonexistent when you dont have proper Renewing Mists coverage and raid is not stacked. I mean you can start spinning, and try to hit as much people as possible with Chi Burst, but it doesnt quite cut it. But if you manage to get your whole 10 man raid covered with Renewing through Thunder Tea while avoiding Attenuation circles, you can heal following Force and Verve solo without any raid cooldowns used. It is just too much tied to one ability, that has horrible AI spread, and needs to be used exactly on cooldown.

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    Just had a thought. It's not exactly a huge difference but wouldn't it be awesome if during Tigereye Brew's buff our Tiger Strike chance increased by 20%? Basically ensuring that during Bloodlust (etc) that we'd have nigh-constant Tiger Strikes buff and thus would have comparable results from being under it? As it stands BL does very little for us without Xuen up as only our autoattacks really get a benefit for it.
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    I like it very much, it rly feels like punching the shit out of some1 and that is as intended

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    Monk is not a "skill" based class, it's a poorly designed class. It is most likely that way due to how terribly OP death knights were at WoTLK launch so monks got the short end of for our launch. We have quite a few abilities that are worthless or make 0 sense in context of pvp or pve, and in pvp as WW you can be gutted and destroyed in a single stun even with 65%+ resi on at times.

    The class IS enjoyable, I like it enough to not really want to touch my alts, but I find myself so frustrated in pvp at times because of how terrible we are (sustained dmg doesnt mean shit in pvp).

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    I totally agree monks are brilliant, I never ever wanted to change mains...shaman was the love of my life and I don't regret going to a monk at all. I love my monk! I think people complain too much, there's no class perfect. There's plenty of classes that arent forgiving when you mess up your rotation. I personally think my monk is brilliant because it CAN be a challenge to get most out of it in certain situations. I mainly play healers atm (have on of every class) and never enjoyed tanking (tried them all). Brewmaster is the only tank spec i ever enjoyed playing because it can be a challenge..

    Main spec i play mistweaver and i can get what you mean with unforgiving and the imperial vizier example but doesn't any class have to time there cd's and heals? Whats a disc priest going to do when he forgets to cast his spirit shell on time. A resto shaman when people arent stacked (cast time on chainheal and healing rain isn't great and how much people will that cover with enough heals), a many people does he have to prehot while running attinuation..his swiftmend doesnt cover much more then your 3 target renewing mist since u are spread in small groups and it takes you less clicks to cover more people. I didn't bring any big cd usuage in the example but I just think that every class can be unforgiving...that's healing.

    I think our instant cooldown is great..and works well together with other healers..we aren't solo healing in a raid. We did get the ability to instantly save alot of lives whilest being a sec too late with a tranq will let people go down. (tranq has some ramp up time and needs timing)

    I just like the simple fact we have something different and asking for something what all the other healers have...then why play a the druid with tranq.. We have powerfull other tools and been shining on the ranks with them. To me monks are brilliant

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    I have to agree, I came back to WoW because the monks looked interesting, and now i would never change main for anything ! I love my panda. There's always people complaining, and sure I am not satisfied at 100% where the monks are standing, but we wouldn't be good players if we liked everything, we are here to complain all the time. And like I saw somewhere, blizzard could give us a flying unicorn with 10M$ and people would still stay : "Why isn't the flying unicorn made out of metal ? It sucks !'"

    So yeah WW monks are in a nice place, but somethings could be better ! But still LOVE my monk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miuh View Post
    "Why isn't the flying unicorn made out of metal ? It sucks !'"
    Before the 5.2 patch notes were revealed it was more of a case of "I love my flying unicorn but everyone else that has one also gets jetskies and a fricken laser beam attached to its head."
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
    [What's half of minor?]
    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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