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    I Think I Finally Quit WoW

    I'm one of those people who has quit probably 10 times over and spent my time doing something else for a while only to return shortly. I'm not one of those "I've been playing since Alpha", but I picked up the WoW addiction in 2005.

    Got my first 60 shortly before Burning Crusade came out
    Got my first 70 (I don't remember when, but I remember it being in the Netherstorm at the Ghost mill) I remember how exciting it was to see that experience bar go away and to just hit 70
    After that hitting the max level was just, "meh".

    I'm also not one of those "lol Pandas" or "lol WoW sucks", because WoW is awesome. It's still the most fun game I've ever tried or played to date. I've never made so many memories on a game before and hopefully the next MMO (if I ever get back into MMOs or gaming in general) I run into will be just as epic or as fun.

    Self-Control - I don't possess it. Whether it's drinking a night out on the town or binge playing WoW, I don't possess any form of self-control. I would play 16 hour days (even more most days) only to go to bed, wake up and continue playing again. I always struggled with rent or to afford food at all and I never got ahead. I had a few flings with random girls from social networks but never really got to truly experience dating or anything like that.

    So It's 2012,

    I'm playing MoP which is amazing and just keep coming to these realizations of "wtf am I doing?" I'm not making money, I'm 24, living with a friend because I can't afford my own place, I sold my car for money to live on (which quickly disappeared) and I'm going nowhere.

    I want to get into Internet Marketing/Make Money Online which is a hard market to break into and something I've been vaguely looking at without any serious or aggressive efforts since 2006 when I left the Army. I got rid of the WoW account, as much as it sucked to do so (basically, I pawned it) and never looked back. I still armory my toon and guild (which will be handed over after the 60 days) to see the progress but other than that, I honestly have no feelings left for the game or any ambition to get back on it and spend the time necessary to seriously progress like I used to.

    At the start of MoP, I burnt myself out on dailies quick. I did all of them every single day and even as a Mage, I felt like this took forever.

    I'm not saying anyone else should quit if they don't want to or WoW sucks because I actually really like the game, but I think I finally did it. I don't miss the game at all or have any ambition what so ever to return to it. All I ask is to think of where you're headed in life if you're doing what I used to do. Sure, you might be thinking "ah who cares?" like I used to, but being 24 and seeing where I was in life and how I was going nowhere fast, I had to make a change.

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    that good for you.

    but what made you decide to make a topic about it?

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    Yea this game gets old fast! I am tired of wasting my time as well! I don't see blizzard getting anything good to the game done. They only make things easier and more stupid! old game is old!

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    I'm sorry, but "I Quit" threads aren't allowed here. There isn't any real discussion to be had about such a personal decision that is different from the dozens of other discussion already held on the same kind of threads.

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