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    How to make MoP Alt-Friendly

    So its been mentioned on forums and acknowledged by blue posters that MoP is not very alt friendly. They have tried to make improvements by buying the reputation tokens that increase your other toons reputation by 100%. And dont get me wrong, that is great...for reputation, but I need to get my 9 alts to the point where I can focus on reputation.

    Here is my solution: Make Heirloom MoP gear. They don't have to make it easy to get, instead of the current system, which is using honor and justice, make it worth valor and conquest. It would make people work for it, and wouldn't take away from progression that much, because if you are focused on alt leveling, to the point where you would by the gear, then progression is on the back burner (which is the case for me)

    A system like this would be amazing. Kinda would suck to have to buy all the gear again, but would definitely be worth it.

    Side Note: They should only make 1 of each gear, so 1 set of shoulders that you can wear on any toon, and the stats would reflect depending on what class it is, so that way you aren't needing to purchase 6 different gear types.


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    The basic problem is the endless grind, specifically with VP/CP upgrading. Since you're never done with it on your main (unless you want to gimp your main), you can't just play an alt after you're done gearing the main.

    This is doubly true if you're trying to dual-role your main, or have it do both PvP and PvE. I am suspecting PvP participation from previous casual PvPers is way down, just for this reason.
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    It's already alt-friendly. I'm gaining a crapton of rep from the dailies on alts. Gold and spirits to craft for them. LFR takes an hour at most per set and I can run a few on a few alts in an evening. Dungeons are quick and easy. I've got 3 90's that are getting all geared out.

    This is the beginning. Wait till the next raid tier when epics start dropping from the dungeons and gearing will be even faster.

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