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    DW frost DK PVP reforging

    what stats should i reforge for pvp as im lost on this since mop was released and cant find any useful guides to help me

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    I am 2H but I will bump this thread as I think it would be useful to discuss overall frost DK PvP gearing, reforge, gemming, etc. . . as I really have no experience doing hardcore PvP on my DK so everything below is speculation.

    askmrrobot doesn't have weights at all, but for overall damage I would think it would be mastery on top as the more frost damage you do the easier it is to bypass armor/get bigger burst numbers. Haste seems more to me to be a survivability stat as you will need a steady stream of runes to weave in more DS with your normal damage, plus you pool runes for burst anyways and that goes counter to haste completely. As always crit is the worst priority as KM takes most of the wind of its sails.
    I am curious about resilience as I am not sure if I should be gemming for socket bonus with it in mind, pure resil since we are so squishy, or ignoring it completely in my gems/enchants and going for pure damage.

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    For DW, the stat priority is the same as in PvE, Mastery***>Haste>Crit.
    And prioritising PvP Resilience is more beneficial in 3v3, for 2v2 and BGs you should prioritize PvP Power.
    Most of the PvE priority still applies here, except you use Death Strike more often, in lieu of Obliterate. As such, icy-veins.com can help. It's pretty straight forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthias9742 View Post
    askmrrobot doesn't have weights at all,
    It has weights for PvP aswell

    Stat weights should be the same as the ones you follow for PvE beside the fact that you prioritize PvP Power/PvP Resilience gems according to your comp (I go for PvP Power cause I love big crits and to burn down people -> 2h <3<3<3) and you don't aim for 7,5% but for 3% hit/exp cap.
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    You actually want to use Obliterate as DW Frost in pvp. The only time you use it though, is if you have one free Frost and Unholy Rune with Killing Machine Procced.

    Obliterate Generates a ton of Runic power and has a chance to give the DK a free Icy Touch/Howling Blast from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Italiandk View Post
    It has weights for PvP aswell
    They are guessed weights robot even admits that when you go into their stat weight selector. 3% cap is good to know for me, anyone else that has long term experience with RBGs/Arena have any input for resil vs. power ?

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    Resilience is generally going to be better in 3v3 Arena. For 2v2, you would most likely need the Power to kill the healer, while in RBGs it depends I suppose. But since your job is to do lots of spread damage, I would say Power.

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