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    Getting new computer, need tech help

    So long story short, I'm getting a free laptop, the specs off the top of my head are something like

    AMD A10-4600M APU with Radeon HD 7660G graphics 2.3 ~3.2ghz?
    15 inch screen
    8gb ddr 3 ram
    128gb ssd
    700gb harddrive but don't think that matters

    How would this compare to my current computer
    Nvidia 9400geforce
    quad core 2.2ghz
    4gb ddr2 ram

    I currently run at above low settings, with a few things maxed at 45-50 fps on world of warcraft, what can i expect out of the laptop i'm getting?

    Srry if i'm leaving anything out, computer noob ~_~

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    The gpu of that laptop is better and the cpu possibly as well..

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    What Settings/fps can I run wow on you think?

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    Depends on resolution. But you don't need more than 60 fps because the screen will possibly have a refresh rate of 60 only so it can only display 60 frames per sec. Going over 60 will cause tearing..

    Guess you'll be doing it fine at the 2nd or 3rd preset quality.

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