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    Playing vlad - do i mid AP

    So yeah, i quit WOW and was bouncing around looking for a game to play and i found LOL was it.

    My only question is, im looking to eventually become better and was wondering... Does vlad only go mid with AP? Im still fairly new to LOL so be kind

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    He can mid or top pretty effectively.
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    he can play mid or top but usually goes top so you can have have a mana-dependant ap mid. if he does go mid though it's usually because your jungler needs blue buff more than other junglers

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    He can mid or top pretty effectively.
    I was actually told by an old friend who got me into LOL that hes shite at top... But that said person plays teemo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narzynth View Post
    he can play mid or top but usually goes top so you can have have a mana-dependant ap mid. if he does go mid though it's usually because your jungler needs blue buff more than other junglers
    Ahhh i see, thanks man. Time to piss someone off i know

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    He is played both mid and top. I see him more often top than mid, but he can do both. One reason you see him top rather than mid is that he is a manaless champion, so whoever is sitting in mid has an easier access to the blue buff that you do.

    Either place works though. If you are still super new to LoL, play him in either lane if you get the chance.

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    You picked a great champion to master, being new to LOL.

    Tons of sustain, if you end up mid you can give your jungler more blue buffs, and one of the best damage-avoiding skills in the game.

    Play him as much as you can, either mid or top.
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    Vlad is a good character to learn with. Not too hard to play, viable on multiple lanes (though for first dozen or so levels who goes where is not really going to matter) and good to learn how to last hit minions with - if you can do it well with his animation you can do it well with any other champion.
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    Since ur new in LoL it does not really matter. What you will or have noticed is that alot of the times u get 2 people top in which case vlad is not so good then because you share all XP from minions, vlad is a mage and mages scale really well with levels hence the reason they normally go mid. If you were to go top duo and share xp you are effectivly shooting urself in the foot. Vlad toplane in a 1v1 is a pretty good pick vs other tops that are sort of tanky or dont do alot of burst dmg. If i were you and i had no jungler / meaning id have to share toplane , then i would not pick vlad. Also remember that vlad is more of a late mid - lategame champion. Once you hit like +200 AP you will start shining. Make sure you use ur ultimate before the fight breaks out on as many enemies as you can since all dmg will be increased on them. And remember to use ur W skill to escape/run away not to engage anything.

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    You should play him mid first to get used to going 1v1 with him. Cause until level 30 chances of being 1v1 top is very low. Once you hit 30, and 1v1 top becomes more common you can start playing him top. I rarely see a vlad mid myself at level 30 especially in ranked.
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