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    Quote Originally Posted by Staticus View Post
    There shouldn't be an issue, due to health/gear scaling at 90. Drop earth ele (EM/PE) at the start and blow offensive CD's (use wolves/AG as defensive ones), keep the bosses out of the runes of power (although I stood in it with them and still wasn't troubled) and it shouldn't be a problem.
    That might've been it, I'm not using EM/PE. Just using my regular dps tree thanks for the advice, though!

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    How does EM/PE even help for soloing? the Earth Elemental still doesn't help at all and I lose too much dps from not having Echo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hecz View Post
    How does EM/PE even help for soloing? the Earth Elemental still doesn't help at all and I lose too much dps from not having Echo.
    Tanks mobs. Reduces damage taken with the channel. (PE'd Earth Elemental). For EM, idk. Maybe because fight aren't long as you get lots out of stacking it with other cds
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahugani View Post
    PS: If you detect ANY irony or sarcasm in this post AT ALL, please report it to [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hecz View Post
    How does EM/PE even help for soloing? the Earth Elemental still doesn't help at all and I lose too much dps from not having Echo.
    I tend to use EM as a defensive CD (same with hero) on progression fights, more haste = more MW. Primal EE can be vital on add fights if you're not channelling it, and primal FE for dps (can also help with adds).

    Echo is much weaker for soloing, because healing procs are unglyphed ones (ie. weak as hell). Same with UF, as you won't be casting LB's very much.

    The main thing to remember about progression soloing is that survival > dps, and you need to tailor your glyphs/talents and playstyle accordingly. I run with healing storm/feral spirit/HST glyphs for most fights, swapping out HST for something else if needed. SBT is much more useful than shift IMO, as you're taking hits constantly (plus you have CotE for an extra one if needed).

    Another small thing to remember is that mastery only affects damage and not healing (plus you'll be casting heals instead of LB's most of the time), so if you have any passive agi trinkets I'd use those for soloing instead of the bottle (keep that for raids ofc). Try to get dancing steel on both weapons (agi >> all) and the DMC trinket as well. (agi + agi proc = win)

    Keep yourself topped off if you can, drop SBT/HST on cd (unless you have the EE out ofc) and try to save wolves/AG for running low. (on more complex fights you'll need to be mapping/managing CD's like healers do)
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    With a full set of T15 normal gear (including godlike set bonuses) and a very nice HR buff (making it a viable tactic for keeping yourself topped) comes a new round of soloing. Killed Sarth+3D (zerg), Gluth and Toravon (all 25) without much trouble. XT-002 (hard), Iron Council, Freya (hard) and Northrend Beasts (all 25) weren't too difficult either. Anub'arak 25 was a toughie but I managed it by following the tactics and killing all the adds.

    Sadly Thorim isn't soloable due to the weirdly changing behaviour of the gauntlet with each patch (made even weirder this time by the fact that only 25 is affected), which is annoying as I'm sure I could kill him now given that I've managed to kill a bunch of other bosses on 25 that are harder. Mimiron (hard) is a long way from being doable due to the 10 min enrage...even normal Mimiron still takes over 10 mins.

    So yeah, we're kinda like gods atm...and if the 5.3 buffs come true we're going even higher. :P

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    I've done Lord Marrowgar on 25 man on my elemental shaman, but I haven't really tried much else in terms of other bosses.

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    I just started trying to solo some of the old stuff. I'm sitting at ilevel 499 as enhancement.

    ICC 10: Stopped at Val.
    ICC 25: Lady Deathwhisper & Saurfang

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    Just to let you know, with 521lv enhance t15 4 set and bad juju/shadopan assault trinket, it is possible to kill Mandokir.

    I've been doing him for about a week, with fails and success every now and then. The main things to keep in mind is to use EM/PE and drop everything you got (i go with this order: flask, pot, wolves, EM, asc., lust and stormlash), then try to get Mandokir down to 15~% with your second Stormblast, otherwise you are decapped. At that point, he should go enraged and doesnt use decap for a few seconds, buying you time to finish him.
    It requires a little bit of luck but i found it helpful to turn OFF your PE:s other abilities so he would go straight hitting instead of casting something weak and then hit the boss. Im at around 9k-9,2k haste and nearly 8k mastery.

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    561 enh shaman. Couldn't manage to kill the first boss in the military quarter of naxx last night, or the twins in AQ 40. Everything else I have tried so far is solo-able

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    to add to the list, ji-kun doesnt seem possible this xpac xD. Could barely get the first nest down before i was overwelmed by the constant quills. If my guild gets a save back at it later I might try doing it as resto since apparently the beserk is just another stream of constant quills. Thus if I manage to survive the quills for long enough and keep moving since there will be alot of adds doing caw on me, it might be possible, just a very long fight
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    Resto shaman coming in! Currently sitting on 510 item level and doing solo content with resto gear as elemental. I am still doing the same stuff I used to do, but now with Shamanistic Rage added, I'll bet there is some more stuff I am now able to solo.

    So far, my list.

    Vanilla: All
    BC: Most of it, Karathress gives me some problems, but I haven't tried him anymore since Cata. Also RoS was a problem in cata. I know RoS was nerfed though. Kalecgos still is impossible and Brutallus haven't tried anymore.
    WotLK: Naxx was possible on all modes, Maly aswell, Sarth25 3d was too hard at the time, I will go back in trying him again. Sarth25 2d is possible if you kill Shadron. For Ulduar, Iron Council 25 hits like a truck, but it is manageable if you really zerg down the big guy first and interrupt the small one, so you can chain lightning spam for Fulimination stacks. Yogg25 is still on the to-do list. Algalon 10 possible. Haven't attempted TotGC25, ICC25 and RS25, but RS seems impossible regardless.
    Cata: No raid attempts yet.
    MoP: No attempts yet.
    Much love to Indicate for creating. Eis' work

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    Did a run on ICC 25 tonight and most bosses fell over without much trouble. Putricide can be a bit awkward due to the odd behaviour of the adds, Blood Council can hit quite hard and Lich King requires a tactic or two. (kill the big adds in p1 while aoe'ing the small ones, time the transition so there's no big add up, earth ele on the spirits with target macros for the ice spheres and the rest is straightforward).

    Festergut, Blood Queen and Dreamwalker couldn't be done on 25 due to mechanics, although maybe an outside chance on Festergut at the end of MoP (40% my best try by using earth ele at a few stacks and keeping pets out as often as possible - voodoo gnomes help out too lol) and I didn't attempt Gunship 25 as it seems to be somewhat tougher after 5.2 (like some other bosses). I'm pleased to report that Dreamwalker 10 is now soloable though, the T15 2pc makes a huge difference. (CotE is handy too for the extra HST)

    Overall I was surprised how little I had to heal myself...dropping HR every 10-20 secs with T15-enhanced wolves, FS glyph and SBT/HST seemed enough a lot of the time.

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    I cannot solo Sarth 3D 25 as Elemental for the life of me. The first drake comes down and I get destroyed.

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    To close the book on T8 and below...Iron Council 25 (hard) impossible due to the meltdown debuff (if you can even get there, as I always got splattered in p2), Vezax 25 (hard) easy as pie with conductivity/shadowdodger method, and Yogg 25 impossible due to the constrictors having too much health to 1-shot with UE. Patchwerk 25 was demolished, Corla (BRD hc) can be bursted down at this ilvl before the adds 1-shot you and so can Mandokir (ZG hc) before he 1-shots you. (but make sure you pop EVERYTHING including pre-pot before the pull, and open with ascendance/SS. Took me 11 secs)

    Might go for T9/10 hard modes (25) and see if any can be done, waiting for 5.3's big SP buff before trying MoP heroics.
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    Ele shammy that has killed all of the Brawler's bosses (rank 8s included). In fact, Elemental is one of the best specs for Brawlin!

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    I'm having trouble as elemental on Bloodlord Mandokir, ~515ilvl. Only tried twice, but my best attempt was 47%, so I didn't bother trying again =S

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    Is Twin Emperors in Aq40 soloable by enhance?
    Time is on our side
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    Is Twin Emperors in Aq40 soloable by enhance?
    Should be doable with double WF, switching back and forth between emperors for shocks, and a lot of patience. Personally I've taken to doing it with my pure melee / caster classes. They're also much better at doing any kind of AoE...

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    Twins are doable as enhance indeed. Dual windfury, try to get your back against a wall and go nuts. I had a bit trouble doing damage but elementals and wolves deal quite a nice amount to the physical dude. Perseverance and you'll make it! It does take a while though.

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    I'm kinda loving this extreme burst tactic from it also works on bear/dragonhawk in ZA plus the bear/eagle combo on the last boss there (bear is a bit tight though, took me 13 secs to nuke 5.4m and I'm sure he was about to charge a 2nd time). That only leaves Mannoroth in WoE now, which is unsoloable as you need to be in 2 places at once. (can't nuke the boss and the adds at the same time to advance the roleplay without being overrun)

    I want to try it on Faction Champions 25H (to remove a healer before CC spam takes over) but the damn thing keeps bugging out, whereas on normal it usually only bugs out once...unsoloable methinks unless Blizz actually pull their finger out and fix bugs like this when people report them. (fat chance ofc, there's too many new dailies to create and too many pvp imbalances to maintain/create/fix)
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