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    Double Mage 3v3

    Came back to wow and both of the people I run arena with are going mage. I mainly enjoy pvp and was trying to think what would pair best with this combo (maybe a healer?) . I have one of every class leveled to at least 70 (all healers leveled to 85). So what class pairs well with a double mage arena team? Thanks for any recommendations.

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    Yes, you'd want to be a healer. Mages just won't be able to live for very long without one. You could try triple dps, but you'd have to play a hybrid and odds are you'd just sit there struggling to keep your team alive most games. Two dps and a healer is the basic format for arena.

    Shaman are the strongest healer, but their CC toolkit isn't ideal for playing with double mage. Hex and capacitor totem would just DR the already heavy poly/ring and deep freeze coverage your team would be doling out. They're such a strong healer with such good CC avoidance though that they still could be the best choice.

    Paladins are probably the next strongest healer. Generally their utility is best suited to melee teams, but certain abilities (HoP in particular) are extra valuable for casters. Again, not ideal CC types for a mage team maybe, but fist of justice would probably still be pretty good for non-kill targets.

    Druids are something of a step down from shaman and paladins in terms of burst healing throughput, but may be your best option simply because of cyclone. I'm fairly certain that your team will need another reliable CC, and a druid is the only healer that can bring that.

    Priests and monks are honestly just bottom-tier healers in PvP right now. If you have a particular fondness for one of these classes I'm sure you'd be alright, but you'd find things a little easier on a different class.

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    I'd say resto druid would work best and then holy pala. Resto druid has a lot of cc, immunity to slows/snares through power shifting and are hard to reach by melees, also immune to poly, hex if they shift. Cyclone is awesome, also stun, disorient, bash symbiosis would grant them ice block which is pretty op (and the mages will get a heal in exchange i think). Also the teleport thingy allows them to get away really fast if things get messy (displacer beast i think it's called).

    Paladins also have a lot of cc (though not as much as a druid) but some will dr with what mages already provide. They have bubble they can give immunity to physical strikes to mages, or can give freedom. However they are more vulnerable to poly/hex and can be slowed easier. They don't have the mobility of a resto druid but they have stronger direct heals and provide utility.

    IMO resto druids, if played well, are the strongest healers at the moment.

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    resto druid, while i dont know all the details but the fact that a resto gains ice block from a mage thanks to symbosis makes them a good strong candidate for your team imo

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