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    A Treatise on Names

    Ok, so we all know that Burning Embers can refer both to the large resource that spells are casted from, and from the smaller resource which form the larger when you acquire ten parts. I propose, here and now (for no major reason other than boredom.) we talk about a universally accepted name for the smaller resource, and have the larger resource exclusively named Burning Embers.

    For my own part, I'd recommend Sparks as a name, 10 Sparks to the Ember, 20 Embers to the pound.

    On a sidenote, what do you call the little Embers? Emberbits?

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    I just forget the big embers and tell myself Chaos Bolt actually costs 10 burning embers.
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    Emberbits is what I use.

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    Emberbits is their official name.

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