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    Note: no mathematical claims are to be found below.

    Was thinking about how to play my trinket usage game when I eventually get the Medallion. Seeing as it lines up perfectly with Bloodbath's cooldown and duration, I'm planning on combining BB + Medallion into one cooldown and lining up my Synapse Springs with normal high-rage CS windows.

    Some could consider it a bit of a gamble to go for Crit over Strength for a burst window like BB but I like the fact that Medallion covers the entire window in which I build the bleed instead of falling 2 seconds short.

    Not planning on simming it though since I trust combat testing & numbers analysis on actual raid encounters more than simulation in cases like this.

    EDIT: Will also have to consider Lei Shen (502) in place of Medallion if it ever has the courtesy of dropping. If anyone has knowledge of it's ICD and proc chance, I'd be extra happy.
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    I have a question about that too.


    I'm using the Brewfest trinket and Lei Shen's Final Order LFR, both proc trinkets, and am an engineer.

    I'm considering getting the Skullrender Medallion trinket from the Dominance Offensive which is static strength with a crit on-use. With my current trinkets, think it's a good idea to replace Lei Shen's Final Order, to get rid of that haste? I could just put the Skullrender or my springs on a separate button so I can hit it when it's up...

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    ... what do you think? Worth having the Springs for strength on-use and the Skullrender for crit on-use, though not usable simultaneously?

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    With 491 ilvl 4 pc SMF my character simmed 3.05 str 2.55 crit 0.83 haste

    1152 static str x 3.05 = 3513.6
    3838 x 15/60 = 962 crit x 2.55 = 2453.1
    Total = 5966.7

    432 static crit x 2.55 = 1101.6
    647 static haste x 0.83 = 537.01
    3236 x 20/45 = 1438.22 str x 3.05 = 4386.57
    Total = 6025.2

    The reason why LS is so good when it's itemization is crap is bc of it's insane uptime. 20 sec with a 45 sec gcd that proc's on any type of attack. Check logs of warriors with said trinket, almost guaranteed 40% + uptime. And this is disregarding the fact on how SR on use messes with our synapse springs. On a glance SR really seemed like the better choice, but in reality it isn't and IMO is not worth the vp, even more so if your an engineer.

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    Hmmm. I'm Arms, and Mr. Robot has weights of 2.25 str, 1.25 crit, 1.1 ap, .75 haste for Arms.

    Coaster 470:
    904 crit * 1.25 = 1130
    10848 ap Proc * 10/45 = 2410.7 * 1.1 = 2651.7
    Total: 3781.7

    LSFO 476:
    574 haste * .75 = 485.3
    382 crit * 1.25 = 477.5
    2866 str proc * 20/45 = 1273.8 * 2.25 = 2866.1
    Total: 3828.9

    SR 496:
    1152 str * 2.25 = 2592
    3838 crit onuse * 15/60 = 1199.4 * 1.25 = 1499.3
    Total: 4091.3

    So by this, the SR just BARELY beats out the Coaster. Right? Still not worth the valor in that case?
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    If I'm not mistaken CC is better than CCCC for arms, no? Even at that I honestly don't see SR being 1750 vp worthy this tier. Ofc this is just my humble opinion so take it as you will.

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