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    Should I level my hunter?

    My hunter is currently level 86 with max rested exp, so getting it to 90 won't be a problem. I haven't played my hunter at all since 5.0 level 85. How are bm hunters at 90, whats the average damage for kill command, arcane shot, etc.? How do they stand up against mages, warriors? Anything at all you can tell me that would want me to level my hunter? thanks.


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    No they are bad right now

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    That would have been true a few weeks ago, but we are in a better position now with recent buffs.
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    If you love to play hunter, so just level it up. If tou want to profit in raid, no, play mage instead.

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    If you want to rock the meters play either warlock or mage.

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    Are you mostly interested in PvE / PvP / both?

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    I love my BM hunter. If you ever liked BM then nows a good time to lvl one. Lots of burst dmg and plenty of options to go with it.

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