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    I went through most of the replies in this thread - and I gotta say you can tell some of them are very driven by personal feelings .

    1 - Rapture no longer benefits from short-term (trinkets, Mana Tide, etc) spirit bonuses
    2 - DA nerfed by to be 20% absorption on all spells, but DA triggers from all spell hits, not just criticals
    3 - Spirit Shell now has a 3 min CD but each time Penance is channeled entirely the CD is reduced by 3 seconds 90
    4 - The Spirit Shell duration now lasts 30 seconds.
    5 - Archangel now restores 5% mana
    6 - Evangelism now includes Power Word: Solace
    7 - Atonement now includes Power Word: Solace
    8 - Prayer of Healing now has a 7% base mana cost (from 13500 mana to 21000)
    To give my opinion on the OP suggestions

    1. Rapture not benefiting from short term buffs - I think this one should idd be fixed, especially because of mana tide. Getting a rapture proc during trinkets proc is not as much of an issue as being able to blow all up with a mana tide. After playing disc since the beginning of wrath, I can tell using rapture cleverly with procs has always been a part of disc game play (we used to use it with HoH buff/weapon ench in cata). It didnt break things, just rewarded clever play. Mana tide though breaks the things too much. A little reward is ok, but thats just taking the entire cake and eating it.

    2. I didn't understand the buff to DA. I dont think it was needed. I think it also basically forces disc into poh spam, because its just too good. I reckon they tried to think of disc as both a tank and raid viable healer and for tank healing, mastery has always been a poor stat for disc - too unreliable, especially in lower tiers of gear with not a lot of crit. The problem is that they buffed PoH so much, its pretty much a waste to put a disc on tank healing. Toss SS in and the fact we have quite few encounters with serious tank healing, and you get to see the endless PoH spam. It doesnt make me happy that most of my healing comes from poh in various forms - either itself (not so much tbh), DA, SS PoH. Do I have any other viable choice?

    3. Spirit Shell - the thing that nobody saw at the beginning of MoP but it is now the monster that kills all the joy of life in other classes. Sure the thing got buffed together with PoH buffs, but that wasn't the moment it became THE thing. Heart of Fear and its numerous raid dmg on 1 min timers bosses did it. Problem is, HoF will be obsolete in 2 months, while we remain with SS for the rest of the expansion. My own feelings towards it? Yes, its a very good raid cd. Atm to be decent, a disc has to use it to death. I'm not sure how enjoyable it is to be constantly in the roll of charge archangel>watch timer>pop archangel> spirit shell/poh your ass off while every movement you need to do makes you feel like you spilled some of your favorite drink. However, I don't have a choice. That is my use in raids, to be a spirit shell bot on a timer. Ppl call it a raid cd, it doesnt feel like one, unless you can imagine yourself popping/preparing raid cds for half of the time of the encounter. Put it on a 3 mins cd? Sure, but then you'll have to give it some advantage other raid cds have: not costing more than any raid cd or not needing 15 seconds ramp up time. Compare SS cost and cast time to healing tide "plonk". I'm not saying SS is hard, but its surely fairly cumbersome to use.

    I don't have special feelings about points 4/5/6. Atm solace is a dead talent for both holy and disc priests. It failed in the design of " get rewarded for more effort". You dont get rewarded with a spell that requires you to not heal for 15% of the time to get EQUAL benefits with one that req 1 gcd. Sure if you had encounters with 30% downtime, it would rock, but then again, if you have so much downtime, why do you need mana? I'm a bit bias about spells replacing other spells, and in the idea of solace working with atonement/evangelism/arch it would just replace smite. I missed the 5% mana from archangel but not to the extent of thinking it needs to be there.

    8. There is a serious issue with aoe heals being a lot more efficient than single target ones, and I don't think that is a priest only issue, to the extent of most of us rarely using single target spells. I think thats also something that reveals itself as a problem in the only class without a spamable aoe spell - and thats resto druids. The game is unbalanced in aoe vs single target, too much. It makes healers hate tank healing, because it makes them look bad on meters (as much as you know somebody has to do the shitty job).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferin View Post
    So the solution to monk's lack of utility is to nerf priests? Yeah that sounds logical.
    No. If all healing classes were buffed to the level of Disc Priest you'd see guilds 2-3 healing 25 man heroic encounters.

    Remember, Spirit Kings/Garajal heroic were 4 healed. Protectors of the Endless heroic was 4-5 healed, Lei Shi heroic was 4 healed.

    These fights were healed before Disc Priest buffed/monk nerfs, respectively, but imagine how ridiculous it would be to have Mistweavers as strong as Disc Priests?

    Please don't quote Tsulong heroic either, I've already stated Monks perform exceptionally well there.

    The problem is that in 25 man content (for t15) Blizzard will more than likely design 3-5 healable fights (and remember, you always scale down healers on progression because it's an easier way of meeting the enrage). Now, tell me, in a scenario where you need to bring 3-5 healers what do you need? Raid CDs, high HPS, tank CDs, powerful utility. Mistweavers no longer bring super-high HPS or raid utility. Paladins bring a lot of raid utility. Shaman bring a lot of raid utility. Both classes suffer by having marginally "poor" (poor compared to ... a certain spec) HPS. Disc Priests bring a lot of raid utility too. Disc Priests also happen to bring the highest HPS.

    We'll see what 5.2 brings, but I predict a nerf to Rapture (so that it's not effected by short-term spirit procs) and a nerf to the formula which calculates spirit shell. Perhaps, if Blizzard go overboard, they'll nerf DA. Speaking to the Discs in my guild though, they think both Rapture/spirit shell nerfs will be enough. That along, of course, with justified Mistweaver/Resto Druid buffs.

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