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    Is shadowplay still a viable 3s comp??

    Hey, my friend and I are currently leveling a spriest and warlock at the same time, they are currently lvl84.

    i'm just curious, is shadowplay still a viable comp? and also which healer would pair best with this sort of comp??

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    from what I have been reading on Aj and pvp forums it looks like dot teams are coming back especially after the healing nerf, some of the top pvpers are playing comps like that in the US atm since the nerf to healing and the nerf to mages/warrs are only live there. Play it with resto druid or rshaman. Though I think its a bit to late to play arena this season as you will never be able to catch up on gear and since both lock/priest are extremely squishy without proper gear you will get your ass whooped and it would feel like the comp sux. My advice is to do bg together and 2s, no point in wasting your time with 3s, well unless blizzrad changes something in the way we collect conquest pints.

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    Not really. Affli is dog and dotcleaves are poor in general atm. In s13 (by the time you're geared anyway) they will probably make a come back as the guy above kinda said. As resi increases, mana becomes more important and burst tones down; dot cleaves actually get better.

    so yeah, I don't see why not.

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    just go with a feral for now ^-^

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    Its really good atm actually. The healing nerf helped affl pressure alot. Running this comp on and off atm and its working well.
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