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    10 Man Norm, Blade Lord ka'Yak timers

    We were doing this boss for the first time, first 4 attempts everything was going great, deaths were tank/healer issue, everything was fine for timers and fo forth, but then what happened on every other pull was when DBM timer was on screen and we would normally stack at our stack point for unseen strike, about 3 secs before timer hit 0, then the tempest attacks were happening almost at the same time, 1-3 seconds apart, this was not happening to us at all, on the 1st, 4 attempts.

    its this norm ? Is it suppose to be that way and we have to pause before we stack, wait for a skull to appear, before to try and stack ?
    Happened alot like this, and was very difficult for us to work around the timers, sometimes the timer would be 0 for unseen strike but it wouldnt be for like a good 10 secs before it actually happened.

    Everyones DBM is up date as per the curse download site.

    Not sure if its bugged, DBM issue, us, or something else.

    Thoughts ?
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    The timers are just to show when the ability is off cooldown, not when he is going to use it.

    Really you don't have to stack before he goes invisible if you spread wisely.

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    People should not be further then 6 yards away from the stacking point. Should just be waiting for the unseen strike instead of pre-stacking.

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    But isn't it due to that the intensify buff boss gets that make him use his abilities faster. The timers are correct on pull, but the more intensify stacks the boss gets the more off those will get. Just use the timers to show when the skill of bosses will be available. As with all other bosses, the skill might be off CD, but he might not even use it (Feng and his lightning fists for example).
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    As a rule of thumb, DBM is very helpful but should not be used as a crutch. Install it, and watch it, but don't take it as guaranteed fact. For that boss in particular, just don't worry about pre-stacking, don't spread too far and stack once he actually uses the ability.
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    What we used to do when we had similar problems, was watch the timer for Unseen Strike.

    When it hit <25s, we waited for the next Wind Step to be used and as soon as it was used, stacked up. (It has a 30s CD)

    This way you should not get another wind step while you are stacked waiting for Unseen Strike.

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    We do just ignore the timer, too. Just spread out and make sure you can run in when somebody gets the mark for the strike. I think on normal it's not THAT important the everyone stands in the attack, I think 5+ people is totally OK. Just make sure everybody tries and you're fine.
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    We're having this issue on this boss too, in that the timers would be about 90% on-time, but the odd one (or two) wouldn't sync.

    I myself am using Big-Wigs (always updated) & most of the raiders are using BW or DBM. Some complained my announcing for everyone to stack was off, and some said it was in-line with the addon.

    The main issue was I'd announce, everyone would stack, then nothing (LOL) a tornado would appear and fling everyone and then BOOM!
    (Funny thing was, the previous night we didn't have that problem, and the only difference was that we had more ranged DPS tonight).

    However, reading what's been said above we'll make some changes and see what happens... and thanks for the input everyone.

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    In my raid group for both normal and heroic we put a star on the tank and make him the stacking point. Then when unseen strike goes off everyone runs in and stacks then spreads back out after the hit. The only times it works against us is when people aren't paying attention and don't run in fast enough.

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