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    windows wont start

    Hello, I tried to turn on my PC this morning, and came up saying run repair mode or start windows normally, clciked on start windows normally first, then it started loading to the starting windows page the it flashes a blue screen then just turns off...so then I tried the start-up repair, doesn't seem to fix it, tried system restore also doesn't work...

    any ideas how to fix this annoying thing!?


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    Have you tried starting the computer with safe mode?

    If you can run it on save made then you can narrow down to certain hardware issues or even maleware.

    But the fastest thing you can do is try to install a fresh Windows (not with repair mode but with a actual disc or windows on a USB stick).

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    Yeah, I agree with ati87, try running it on safe mode. If it still won't work, you might want to consult a tech about it or bring it to a nearby shop. But if you know how to do it, then try reformatting your HDD and install fresh Windows in it.

    By the way, is there a message when you see the blue screen? something like "memory dump" or something.. or perhaps an error code?

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    Details on the blue screen? Could be quite simple to terribly bad depending on what's causing the blue screen.

    There's a few common ones. DLL files, SYS files, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, IRQL...

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    solved it now, re-installed windows.

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