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    Question [Android Game] Torstan Defense Free

    Hey MMO-Champions!

    This Thread is about my Android Game and I want you to check it and comment about it in here. I take critism very seriously, why I re-released my game with brand new stuff like graphics, better gameplay, bonus levels and so on.

    Torstan Defense is some kind of tower puzzle defense, with a touch of "Plants vs. Zombies". I could tell you a lot about it indeed, but I think let those pictures and the video speak for itself. I just please all the Android Users to download it (of course for free!) and if you got something to say about the game, even if it is good or bad, tell me in here!

    Here is more about it on my blog:

    and of course the link to Google Play:

    Hope you like it!

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    Somebody got something to comment about my game?

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