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    Come check out Storm Legion, you won't be disappointed!

    Hey all,

    If you're like me and love mmos but haven't been really happy with most of what is out there then I would highly recommending checking out Rift (or coming back to it for that matter!). The game is literally bursting with players since the expansion hit and Trion is already adding even more content at a ridiculous rate (1 month in and we already had a patch adding another raid, solo dungeon, and conquest pvp map for lvl 60s). Its seriously a ton of fun and would be even more fun to have everyone thinking about it to make the jump back into the game!

    I'm including a link if you want to check things out again as part of our ascend-a-friend program, you'll be thrilled that you did trust me


    Oh! And if you're a returning player and in need of a guild feel free to check us out, we're on Deepwood and in less than 3 weeks are already over 100 unique members!


    See you all in game!!
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    Hai Saeleth, take a guess who I am?

    But I don't think the mods like RaF links/threads outside of the Offical RaF thread


    If this gets locked, be sure to post this on that thread.
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    Never ceases to amaze me how exuberant and passionate the Rift fans are :P

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    Please don't post RAF link's outside of the RAF thread, thanks.

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