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    BrM trinket issue re: wowreforge

    First off many thanks to Rikimu and Pingwoo for their input on my last post re: BrM build. It was most helpful.

    I have been happily tanking lfr and the loot gods have smiled upon me so I have been able to replace a number of pieces. Now I am at a cross road. I have nearly 3000 vp banked and am considering a trinket. Either Lao-Chin's for the stam or Hawkmaster for the agi and on use haste from the Shado-Pan. The problem I am looking at is that every time I replace my simple jc trinket my numbers particularly my haste and crit drop significantly. Each time i go from 4905 crit and 6106 haste to 4097 crit and 5415 haste. Maintaining 7.5 for hit and expertise is not an issue but obviously at a cost to both crit and haste. Are either trinket that good to replace the static 600 rating the cogwheels give or should i spend my vp elsewhere?

    Also, if have a lfr chest token. I could get the 483 piece and upgrade it twice. It has the 2 yellow gem slots for 640 haste total so I could go that way. wowreforge does not have the 483 piece available to insert for testing.

    Here is a link to my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ureed/advanced

    Thanks again for all of your help!

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    Always happy to help out where I can. And I'm also happy to hear that you've been having great success tanking.

    In regards to your first dilemma. I have an easy answer. Neither. The only stamina you need is from the gear you equip. Don't gem for it, don't gear for it(unless you're doing heroics and need more health). I have never been a fan of on use trinkets and in my opinion, they are pretty lousy for Brewmasters. A lot of people get caught up on obtaining gear with the highest ilvl. I always go for the optimal stats. I said this in another post, but I will take a 476 cloak with haste/crit over a 496 cloak with hit/mastery all day long. Just because it's purple, doesn't mean it's better. Take the Sha quest boots for example. The 5 man heroic boots from Xin, in Mogu'shan Palace, are so much better.

    In this link, I provide some haste rating caps that provide specific energy per second.

    Play around with the 4536, 5376, and 6216 caps. See which one feels better for you and go with it. Just because you feel more comfortable at one of these when another player chooses something else, doesn't mean you're wrong. That's the beauty of the monk class. You can tailor it to your playstyle and still be competitive.

    As far as using wowreforge, when you update your profile you will notice a link to wowhead to the right of each piece. Click it. When you go to the link, you'll see that wowhead offers the option to upgrade the piece of gear to rank 1 and rank 2. Choose the option you want and note the stat change. Go back to wowreforge and click on the item you want to edit. You'll see that you can change the stats on the piece of gear, and click apply. If you hover over the gear, you won't see the change, but it's there.

    Once you get all that set, choose your caps, stat weights, etc and optimize! The addon Reforgerade is great to use with wowreforge. After you've optimized, you can click on the summary button, copy the results and then paste those results into the Reforgerade addon in game and click apply. Your gear will be reforged for you without the need to do it manually.

    Generally, I try to avoid upgrading LFR gear unless you won't be seeing the normal gear anytime soon. If that's the case, burn those valor points!

    Hope this helps.

    ***Edit*** Forgot to mention. Play around with your gems in wowreforge, see which gives you the most optimal results. If you can squeeze out more haste/crit from using all pure haste gems in yellow slots, go with it. If you get more stats from using pure crit gems in yellow slots with expertise/crit in red slots, try that. Wowreforge is a great site for testing.
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