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Patch 1.2 Download:

Media Fire Link:

Feel free to complain if the link is broken!

Installation Instructions:

To install the map, follow these instructions... Please note that I can only do the Windows 7 version, having no
experience whatsoever in other platforms.

Please also make sure that your Minecraft doesn't have any mods that may interfere.

1). Place the folder "Harry Potter - Patch 1.2" into your .minecraft saves, which can be found here:

2). Move the "Map Notes" folder into a place you'll remember for later.

3). Put both of the texture packs (yes you need two) into your .minecraft Texture Pack Folder, found here:

4). If you haven't already, patch your game with M.C. Patcher:

5). Launch Minecraft and enjoy! Use "The Train" Texture Pack until instructed otherwise!

6). Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all the updates:

Optional Mods:

Optifine - Excellent for reducing that un-wanted lag!


Message from the Creator:

You all have my sincerest apology for the lack of content in the map. I’ve unfortunately had to rush it incredibly, making me miss out several key compartments, due to real life racing ahead. I’m currently in the middle of a personal crisis of my own and I just want to take a month’s break from the whole Minecraft scene; making a map on your own is both lonely and difficult. Hopefully though you’ll be able to find some enjoyment out of what I have produced, some would argue that the whole thing was not worthwhile.

I thank you incredible people for all your continued support.

-The Creator