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    [A - Stormreaver] <Convicted> T/W/Th 7:00 CST 25M

    Recruitment is currently open for all classes/specs.

    Current Progression:
    1/13 25H Throne of Thunder (12/12 N)

    T14 Progression:
    5/6 Heroic 25M Mogu'shan Vaults
    2/6 Heroic 25M Heart of Fear (3/6H 10M)
    4/4 25M Terrace of the Endless Spring

    Wowprogress area rankings:
    West: 653
    US: 247
    Realm: 7

    Previous Expansion Progression:
    8/8 HM Dragon Soul + Glory
    6/7 HM Firelands + Glory of the Firelands Raider
    6/6 HM Blackwing Decent
    4/5 HM Bastion of Twilight
    1/2 HM Throne of the Four Winds

    Raiding Schedule:
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Time: 7:00 - 11:00 server (CST)

    Who we are:
    Convicted was started as a 25 man raiding guild in 2008. We have been a competitive force on Stormreaver in the 3 day a week bracket and will continue to push hard modes in Mists. We strive to create and maintain a guild free of drama and corruption that always pushes progression. Loot is distributed via Loot Council, with up to 5 officers voting on each piece of loot.

    Who we are looking for:
    Competitive, mature, and skilled players who are looking for a 3 day a week raiding guild that pushes hard modes. This guild was built around players who did the 5 day a week hardcore raiding in Vanilla and BC and were looking for something with less of a time commitment. We're adults here and real life matters.

    The type of players we're looking for understand the following:
    --You are an adult and can act like one.
    --You can maintain close to 100% attendance.
    --You are a very skilled player and not relying on gear or better players to carry you.
    --You show up prepared. Gold, gems, enchants, and consumables are never a problem.
    --You have a raider's mentality and enjoy learning new content. Wiping for 4 hours is not a problem.
    --You are situationally aware and able to multitask. If you stand in bad things do not apply.
    --You have a good attitude, communication skills, and are a team player who can take criticism well.
    --You are looking for a long term guild.

    If you're interested and up for the challenge, we invite you to check out the guild charter on our website forums. You're also welcome to whisper any of our players online if you have any questions. If we look like a good fit please register on our forums and throw an application up. Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing your application soon.
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    Still looking for solid raiders!

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    Looking for more competent raiders for heroic progression. Now is a good time to join.

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    Prot/warrior and ele shaman duo looking for a new home and raid team. Experience is 9/16hm and 5/16hm respectively. Contact me on battletag if you would be interested in interviewing us or if you have room on your roster for us both. Jen1193#1466 is my BattleTag id

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    Good deeps/heals/mitigation and competence? LF a good guild to raid with? Stop reading and go app!

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    Join now before 5.2!

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    Wind Lord down on heroic!

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    Need more solid DPS to make up for some of our recent losses in our roster.

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    Looking for more competent players. Currently working on Heroic Spirit Kings.

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    Recruitment still very much open for 5.2! Come join us in the Throne of Thunder!

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    Need some solid players to help fill the roster and down more foes before 5.2!

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    Spirit Kings down!

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    5.2 soon join now!

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    I hope he's wearing something made out of windbreaker!

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    Just for joining, all your bandages will heal for 25% more! AMAZING RIGHT?! We don't offer this to everyone!

    Throne of Thunder March 5th! Still looking for more!

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    7/12 on 25M, full cleared 12/12 on 10M.

    Still looking for more!

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