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    Vuhdo and Illuminated Healing.

    So basically I've been unable to find anything that tells me if there's a way to track the shield amount on a target via Vuhdo for Illuminated Healing (holy pala mastery).

    Obviously Blizz frames does it, so I hoped there was a way to replicate it via Vuhdo.

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    I'd like to see this as well.

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    Sorry to disappoint you, but im 99% sure you cant track that in Vuhdo. Only the time left.

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    You can add Illuminated Healing as a Custom Buff/Debuff, mouse over the icon in the panel of the player to see the amount being absorbed ( it tracks time too and shows timer when it reaches 10 secs remaining ). Displaying the amount in text would be too much to watch really - all you need to really know is if its on the player or not - if it is not on the player then just reapply
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    Whilst I agree that only tracking that it's on people is important. For dead spots in raid. I like to try and cap certain players that I know will take more damage.

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    Works perfectly - soo simple and obvious now. Thank you.

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    I used to try and max out Illuminated Healing on people likely to be taking more damage but with limited mana regen you may find like I did that doing this before a pull is good for the tanks but trying to do the same for the raiders is pointless to a degree as if they are taking damage that much they must be doing something wrong and the shields wont last long in that situation.

    Before the raid pulls and starts the fight buffing the tank to max out his/her IH shield can be advantageous as you can quickly drink before the pull but during combat you shouldn't be worried about maxing out the shields as you then run the risk of wasting mana and time especially when there may be people who suddenly need those 3 Holy Power Word of Glory and your still watching shield stacking.

    Eternal Flame and Illuminated Healing is lovely and throwing out a Holy Radiance on the person taking the highest damage may seem daft but it will pop a shield on them and give you 1 Holy Power and if your cleaver and note that your Holy Shock when used after Holy Radiance will also do and AOE heal burst on that same target means your getting more shields on a lot of people while still focused on the person who is most in need of healing.

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    Yeah I get that. But on fights like Imperial Vizier I can give the entire raid a 120k shield going into first force and verve. Knowing that everyone has it with a mouseover is very handy I'm also pretty effective with my mana control and like to make sure that I'm not letting a 50 or 60k shield fall off purely cause I didn't drop a 1 HP EF on them :P

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    Not a vuhdo user so sorry if im not adding anything to the topic, but i track illuminated healing(and also discpriest absorbs) with statusbars on my UF's.. i've made it with oUF so should be doable with vuhdo, does that addon accept plugins or how does it work?

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