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    Installing League of Legends


    I've been bored on wow in 5.1 since i'm running behind in PvP gear and it's too important right now, so i decided i wanted to try out other games, after playing like 400 2v2 games on the PTR.

    Well, I created a LoL user, and downloaded the installer (tried both north/east launcher as well as west, because my friend told me they're the same).
    Well, when i run the installers, i get the prompt telling me "Are you sure you wanna run this program as admin?", when i click yes, nothing happens.
    My friend told me he had the same problem, but fixed it by using internet explorer to "Run" rather than "Download", which was the only option in firefox.

    So yea, i have no clue what to do in order to get the game, but i'd really like to try it since i used to like the old Dota in wc3.

    I had apparently already installed LoL on my computer a long time ago with ever opening it, but deleted the folders with the LoL files in it without actually "uninstalling". I tried to uninstall but i got some error saying it couldn't find the uninstaller, but LoL was removed from the programs currently on my computer


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    Copy the LoL folder from your friend's computer.

    Problem solved.
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