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    If anyone needs help on my server, just let me know
    I would rather see you post in the LFG/LFM thread. I do not want this to become a LF thread

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    Its a legendary. Gotta put some effort in somewhere :P

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    I just got this, but cannot see anyway of getting another one of them incase you get another weapon, say heroic or whatever.

    Think this is intended or will there be a way of getting more of them prismatic sockets for weapons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heywoods View Post
    I know Blizzard has made legendaries more and more accessible over the years, but come on.. This is a legendary quest, kid. You have chosen to play an MMO where you have no friends, no organized raiding guild, on a dead server, and play less than probably 10 hours a week. You also have refused to organize a group to tackle this roadblock you have encountered.. But before I sound like a complete ass (too late?) let me say I think your choice of gameplay is totally fine & I am sure you live a much more balanced life then a lot of players, including myself.

    But I digress.. Legendaries aren't for casuals. Blizzard wanted to include casual players this time around in parts of the quest chain, but there comes a point where things have to get a little more challenging. I am sorry but you aren't going to get over this part of this quest or any other parts down the road if you aren't willing to work for a legendary.
    Exactly. If you aren't raiding the benefit of any legendary item will be minimal anyways.

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