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    469 AffLock LF Guild

    I have decided to leave my current guild due to members not trying hard enough, low guild activity on off raid nights and the server being a ghost town. I raided as Brewmaster Monk with my current guild and I have grown tired of it and have decided I want to raid on my warlock which I am loving.

    I know my gear on my warlock is not the greatest, but I am trying the best I can to get geared quickly.


    For progression this tier I have cleared MV on normal and was working on Garalon in HoF. Back in Cata I got up to 6/8H before my guild called it quits for the expansion.

    I am looking for 10 or 25 doesn't matter to me. I want to stay Horde, but I am willing to go Alliance.

    I am available any day of the week around 7pm-12pm CST and Sundays work as well. I am in college so their could be some RL things that conflict, but not very many.

    Here is my realID if you want to contact me in game: benwaters25 at gmail dot com

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    Keeping it simple, we are currently in need of a dps for our 10 man team 6/6MV, 2/6HoF
    We would prefer a DK or Warlock but will consider other classes if you are the right fit

    About us:

    Guild has been around since the end of 2007, I have been the GM since the end of BC/beginning of Wrath. We started 10 man strict raiding in Wrath and have continued on in 10 man raiding since. We are a laid back/mature raid group.

    We have 1 raid team and we do not rotate people in, so your raid spot will be guaranteed.

    Raid Times:

    We raid Tues, Wed and Thursday from 9pm-12a est

    We are on the Server Uldaman - Alliance side

    Website : http://airborneguild.enjin.com/

    Battle tag is Ainot#1384 if you would like to contact me in game

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    I have an immediate core raiding spot available for a warlock in my guild.

    Solution is currently recruiting for our 25 roster for Mists and has a core raiding spot available for you in our roster. We intended to expand and improve upon our 25 man success in Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm.

    We are looking for strong raiders ready to tackle heroic 25 man raids that are looking for a stable raiding environment where every member and the time they set aside to play is respected. We’ve never had a forced break in 4 years of raiding 25s. We care deeply about progression and being efficient, but we aren't going to raid extra hours or trample over people just for the sake of rankings.

    Add Ledon#1565 to discuss or visit our guild website to apply.

    6/16 Heroic | 16/16 Normal
    Heroics Cleared:
    H-Blade Lord
    H-Wind Lord

    Raid Tues, Thurs and Sun 8-12 est. We end strictly at 12 est and allow one 10 minute break halfway through the night.

    About us:
    Solution is a stable Alliance 25 man guild and has been raiding for 4 years straight on the Greymane server, with original roots dating back to Vanilla.
    We take raiding seriously, but we also don’t get too obsessed over any progression race, just for the sake of improving our ranking. We expect players know their class and fix mistakes quickly. Most of all we respect each other’s time. Many of us work full time professional jobs and take care of families. Raiders should be prepared to give their full attention to the encounters we are working on. We all have better things to do then to wait for someone being AFK or wasting time being immature.

    Contact Info: Khatian/Labolt on Greymane.
    Battle net: Ledon#1565

    We take our time during raids very seriously, as we only raid 3 days per week. We care about everyone's performance, but also that you fit into our guild and enjoy the people you play with. We aim to be a low drama guild that focuses on improving our play. We play together because we enjoy both the challenges of raid encounters and the social aspects of coming together with friends and family. We however still expect you to defend your choices and be prepared to answer for repeated mistakes. After your trial period you have the same chance for loot as the most senor member. Everyone is equal at Solution and given full respect.

    We expect members to be quick adaptive learners and able to pick-up strategies quickly. Members should not only know their own class and role well, but be aware of what else is going on around them. Our guild would be the perfect spot for someone who was capable of raiding in a more hardcore guild, but does not have the desire to commit to a strenuous schedule.

    If you constantly tunnel vision or are not capable of fixing your mistakes look elsewhere. All raiders should aim to maintain a minimum of 80-85% attendance, have a stable connection and computer capable of raiding 25s. We look for applicants that are able to maintain strong attendance as we keep a small roster to minimize members being sat.

    If interested please submit an application to our guild forums or contact: Khatian on Greymane (Battle Tag: Ledon#1565)

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    Bump, I have sent bnet requests so I can get a little more info.

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    Fates requiem looking for someone who will consistently show up for raid times. We will be raiding Sunday Monday 8 pm to 11pm EST, we are trying to recruit because other raiders have had schedule changes and are no longer available at out current raid times. We are up to the Will of the Emperor and have only messed around in Heart of Fear a limited amount downing first boss only. We are willing to help you gear up but if you suddenly can't raid after a couple weeks we will most likely drop you. We don't mind people having lives but we do try to actually get our raiding in without having to pug (because nobody likes to pug) most of us have been raiding for some time now and we would love to continue progressing.

    HeroZero#1578 or send me an e-mail at [email protected] or even PM me if you prefer that method I would be more than willing to chat with you in game out of game anytime anywhere.

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