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    I love the Blade Lord's tornadoes and I am also a big fan of Elegon's floor.

    Everytime I hit that fight on LFR I ask "Is this anyone's first time doing this fight?" and get silence. Then, 3+ people will plummet through the floor the first time.

    Oh Force and Verve is my guilty pleasure. 1) I love the name of the ability (I cant explain why because I have no idea why I love it) and 2) I love watching people dart for the shields

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    Will of the Emperor dancing, Attenuation, Vengeance on Wind Lord Mel'jarak (kinda counts ;D), Stone Guard tanking, Feng extra buttons, Gara'jal banishment for a tank...

    Just, in general this tier has been very solid.

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    I like Elegon. You have to play really well as a raid to kill him the first time (of course it gets easier and there's not that much RNG). ToES was a little bit to easy to really like the bosses. I think you like the bosses most which you wiped a couple of times and then killed him

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    I like Lei Shi "Get away" mechanic.
    ANd I absolutely despise Garalon. It is as bad and retarded as Ryolith.

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    I agree, the Sha of Fear is great

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    this is my first time raiding as a lock and tbh, its the locks mechanics that have made this fight so much fun. i use demonic gateway every chance i get. for example i love vizier zor'lock. demonic gateway to transition from platform 1 to 2, then pre-placed demonic portal to transition between platforms 2 and 3. never having to run through the mist is awsome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zinnin View Post
    Heroic Zor'lok, the double attenuation in the last phase is so much fun.
    So far we've killed 10 bosses on heroic and this one is by far my favourite one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zinnin View Post
    Heroic Zor'lok, the double attenuation in the last phase is so much fun.
    As ranged dps I bet hahaha

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    Dodging combo's on Emeperor was really fun, and a nice way to keep Tanks occupied throughout a fight, more of that please. Also I quite like the idea behind Garalon, but obviously it has room for some polish

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    Imperial Vizier. Big retard check overall.
    I also like heroic Amber Shaper, it's decievingly easy but relax for 1 sec and you wipe the raid! | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Feng and the barrier/reflection mechanic.

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    Amber shaper heroic, good fun mechanics and extra damage buff - what more could you want!
    Despise Sha of fear heroic. veeeeeerryyyyy long fight that doesn't get hard until 10 minutes into the fight yet still has 1 shot mechanics.
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    of what i've fought so far, I'd have to give it a tie between Bladelord tornadoes and dodging the attacks of the last boss in MSV (as tank). Seeing the special button light up and clobbering him is so much fun when you're competing with the other tank to see who can get them all.

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    I enjoy Amber Shaper's 'Reshape Life.' I mean who doesn't like to be turned into a yellow monster.

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    Blade Lord Ta'yak has to be my fav, tornado phase is fun.

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    I'd have to say Elegon and he floor. Cunt friend of mine playing a priest life gripping me a few seconds before the floor goes away and i fall xD

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    I still enjoy heroic Zor'lok attenuation : )

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    Tsulong, lei shi, Zor loc, and elegon

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    My favourite fight is probably Elegon, for a bunch of reasons, but my favourite mechanic, as a healer, is the Tsulong day phase/breath, because I am a meter whore.
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    Heroic Zor'lok attenuations. :3
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