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    I do often find myself cackling at people on the empress who fail at phase3. They've cost us the kill lots.
    Favorite mechanic though is definitely lightning storm on protectors. Ultimate dunce check, and regail's emote before it is awesome :3
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    H IVZ Attenuation was sick, as many have said. Especially the double Attenuation when you're still able to spiral around the boss and dodge extra ones coming in from the echo. So much fun. The dance on Will is pretty sick too.

    Aside from that, any mechanic that allows you to make a choice that changes the fight. Examples: CC on Wind Lord, Charges on Elegon, Constructs on Amber-Shaper (specifically pools—how long you stay in; if you keep someone in; and the constraints that come with each technique), phase order for Feng (Spirit Kings would have been MUCH better with a similar choice and an additional mechanic; maybe even an elite mode).

    This tier completely blows DS out of the water. I hope this keeps up and we continue getting 10+ boss tiers (16 is a bit much, but MSV doesn't really count and the gating was very good) with interesting mechanics and minimal instant-wipe RNG. The less "just do it right" fights, the better; dynamic, choice-driven mechanics are awesome.
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    From a tank perspective: (Only heroic mode) Empress phase 2, the first tries on Will, Protectors, Zor'lok last phase, Some parts of Spirit Kings
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