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    [Fire] Gear Question

    I am a bit confused to which waist is better for me:

    a) I am currently using Ruby-Linked Girdle with 2x +320 crit gems in there.

    b) I just got Belt of Malleable Amber

    link to my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...iggytwo/simple

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    Your armory is in PvP gear atm so I can't really give proper feedback but I'll try...

    Based on my own gear and stat weights. After optimizing reforging and gems assuming I had picked both items. Also assuming I had not upgraded either item.

    My gear is like 0.039% better if I pick Ruby-Linked Girdle rather than Belt of Malleable Amber. In other words for me it really doesn't matter which I pick since we can customize our gear so much now.

    Take that for what you will in terms of your gear.
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