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    I just wish i could play sub/combat instead of mute/weak ass mastery combat for cleave fights only.
    If they do remove SnD i hope they just put it as a rogue passive.. I really like the fast attack speed cause it feels more "Rogueish".
    Also if they give Shadow blades an Ascendance treatment it would be cool to allow auto attacks to apply find weakness for the duration for sub and maybe 100% chance to proc poisons for assassination (adding another effect to Envenom).

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    All damage done w/ daggers increased 20%

    All stuns performed by the rogue increased 0.1 seconds

    New passive that makes roots automatically fail 50% of the time on Rogues

    Automatic crippling poison regardless of set bonus

    Rogues armor increased by 20%

    Slice & Dice becomes a passive constant

    Shuriken Toss and Deadly throw become baseline abilities that all rogues get, not talents

    Recuuperate no longer a DoT but a burst heal that is notably signifigant 10% total HP per combo point mo'fo's!!!!

    That's what I would do, and I don't even think it's ridiculous... because Rogue is so under powered ATM

    Shadowstep cooldown reduced to 5 seconds

    Rogues are to be FEARED! Not LAUGHED AT!

    Unfortunately you can't count on Blizz to do anything pleasing.... and nothing of such magnitude will happen
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    I'm more looking forward to fun buffs/playstyle changes, stuff like that then I am at pure number buffs. Though I have a small suspicion I will be disappointed.

    Something like giving Subtletly a new version of Eviscerate (Like Mutilate has Envenom instead of Evisc as its main non-DoT finisher). Stuff like that.

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    That GC twitter post is just insulting now, especially when looking through certain other class changes.
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