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    485 Ret - 479 Holy Paladin LF Raiding guild in need of ret/holy pally for team

    Hello: I'm looking for a progression guild in need of a ret/holy pally i play both specs well.Currently ret is my main but willing to go holy for main if needed.I do alot of research so i can be the best player i can possibly be by using elitist jerks,mmo champion,icy veins etc...as my sources.

    I can't raid past 11st(server time) and can start raiding after 2st.I keep 100% raid attendance unless i'm sick or go on vacation.

    I'm currently 4/6mv 1/6HoF(don't let this deter you please) I'm a very loyal guildee if i'm treated right which is why my progression so low cause been trying to help get guild back on its feet but server i'm on is dead.I do research on every boss before pulls so i know each ability and what i need to do on every boss.I prefer a 10m raid but willing to do 25man.

    I've been doing hm's since wrath.Haven't progressed in mop cause of alot of our core members either left or had RL affect playing game.

    I currently reside on the u.s. boulderfist server in guild Chaotic Sovereignty.I am willing to transfer if u can offer a raid spot or at least i will be used alot.All i need is a chance to prove myself.

    can't provide logs here for some reason.Look up tremmor on server boulderfist for ARMORY info and if u need logs same server guild is Chaotic Sovereignty i'm on there healing and dpsing in november. i logged out in my ret gear if u need to see my holy just let me know here or in game

    Post here if you're interested in me or hit me up in game.

    Thank you in advance : )
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    Embrace is a Level 25 Horde Guild on Cenarion Circle. Formed by a group of a good friends. Since it's formation Embrace has reached many goals; Reaching 25 in under a month, getting 8/8 Heroic DS in 2 weeks, reaching over 250 members, and being one of the first 5 guilds to clear Mogu'shan Vaults. (only 5 have even cleared on server) Embrace is full of helpful, mature, comical, and professional players. We've got a diverse community, from America to Russia, we've got members from everywhere. Embrace is a Raiding and PvP guild, with three raid teams.

    Some Extra Info:
    Format: 10 Man
    Raid Times: Group 1: 5pm-8pm PST Tues, Thurs and Saturday
    Progress: 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF
    Contact information: chaseda#1139

    We need one of the following.

    Healing Class Needed: *=Preferred

    We are not going to tolerate cockiness, inconsistency, or loot hogs.

    Gear is not a major issue, but we prefer geared players, but gearing a player that is willing to commit is no problem.

    Knowing your Class/Role:
    We expect you to know what you're doing and not be herp derping around. We will help any player wanting to get in to raiding/pvp if they don't quite understand their class though.

    Show up to a raid you accept, I will provide you with resources to message us if there's an irl emergency or issue that makes you unable to show up, but we require a 90% attendance rating with no toleration.

    If you think Embrace sounds like the right place for you, and you can agree to everything I've stated above, feel free to message me for further information.

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