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    Idea for Alt characters in Patch 5.2 PvP

    I am currently almost full Malevolent with t2 Elite weapon and upgrades 2/2 etc.


    However; leveling an alt already a pain in the ass, you are already way behind gear wise. When you buy honor gear off the vendors, you can of course sell it back for full value withing a 2 hour time window.

    What IF***** blizzard added a Account wide Honor vendor where you can sell your old Dreadful gear for half of its value.


    Shoulders cost 2k honor to buy from vendor; you upgraded to malevolent and now those shoulders are useless; often times, you just vendor for gold. Any player can go to a vendor, sell current pvp season items. half of its value is sent to your account's honor bank that has 4k max honor storage.


    Any ideas to make this better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3as0n View Post
    Any ideas to make this better?
    Account-wide honor, conquest, justice and valor points.
    things worked out better than we had planned • now everything's ruined, yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    Account-wide honor, conquest, justice and valor points.
    Start a petition !!!

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    I can see avoiding Conquest/Valor points since those are limited weekly, but I've always thought the Justice/Honor should be shared.

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    I'd like them to finish working on transferring account bound cross realm as well, since I PvP on characters on different servers :<

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    Keep the gear upgrade system to PvE.

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    Quick question that is a bit off topic- If you're an orc why not use the pvp axe instead of the sword?

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