Ruined is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Anachronos-EU, with a history of successful progression raiding we are one of the top raiding guilds on Anachronos.

Our official raids run every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday with occasional extra raiding nights if we are close to a getting a new boss down. Raids run from 8:10pm - 11:00pm server time. Alt raids are a regular feature on off raid nights.


Our recruitment is now open and we are in need of the following classes:

  • Elemental Shaman
  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • (all ranged dps are welcome to apply)

Even if your class/spec is not on this list, if you think you are a good fit for Ruined then please apply anyway, we will always consider the right people.

If you are interested in applying then we ask you to fill out a simple application at our website -

Once you have put in your application, it will be reviewed by those guild members who have knowledge of your class and spec and you will be offered a trial based on what they think.

What can you expect from Ruined?

A competitive raiding environment, although we've lost a little steam of late due to losing people to other games/real life stuff, we are a progression driven guild and are actively trying to build a team to work towards regaining position on the realm. We are currently building our team for MoP.

Due to our small roster, you will not find yourself sitting on the bench for days on end waiting for a raid spot to open, we recruit what we need - we don't just recruit for the sake of it.

Our raids are focused on the task in hand.

A friendly social environment, alts are welcome in the guild and we hold regular alt, old-tier raids on off-raid nights.

On a practical level - Cauldrons and Feasts are provided for all official raids. Repair costs of all members are paid by the guild bank.

What do we ask from our raiders?

Attendance and punctuality - we run a small roster of raiders so it's imperative that the raiders/trials are reliable (we understand of course that things come up now and then). Turning up after raid start or having to shoot off before raid end is not acceptable, so if you’re not able to comfortably make our raid days and times please don't apply.

Tactical awareness - we expect raiders/trials to show up to raids with a good knowledge of every encounter, with particular focus on the roles which they will likely have to fill. If you're likely to turn up to a raid and declare 'tactics please’ then please don't apply.

Class knowledge - we expect all raiders/trials to know their class to a high level, we expect gear to be correctly gemmed, enchanted and reforged for maximum benefit at all times. We expect both professions to be levelled high enough to get the raiding benefit. If you don't already do this then please don't apply.

Determination - if you're going to get upset and emo rage after a couple of wipes? then please don't apply.

If you have all of the above then great, you're just the kind of person we are looking for!

If you would like any further information, or just to have a chat about the guild, then please feel free to contact one of our officers (Ranavar, Fandrion, Kathreyn, Chith) in-game or on this forum.

Best wishes,